Bad day goes to a Good day

I thought I lost my strength,

But the time he came to transform me,

And Guide me to the richest hope.

I was all alone the way of my journey,

I believe God will show the right help on the way.

I walk again with a hopeful heart.

I turn the right way because there have a light I can see.

Coming soon…

Birdie Fly to Destination

Fly high and every hope I put in God

He is my strength and love

I spread my wings wide open,

But God guide me every path I need to fly.

Nobody can stop me.

Because, He already wrote the way I want to go.

On the way, I fear the height,

My wings are shivering,


So, I took a deep breath and fly to destinations.

coming soon….

Music can turn into Miracle!

Recently I heard a song

It is melodic and touching

Music is a therapy for so many treatments.

But one music turn into miracle.

Miracle means, it’s not only you will get something you waiting for, it also giving hope. Everyone ignored but God give hopes, even there don’t have anything in your hand. Like you feel to take some wrong decision. But God doesn’t make you to take that wrong decision, He will give hopes.

God give hopes !


God give another day!

Thank you Lord Give this beautiful day.

I open the door and explore outside

I heard beautiful sound

It says just remember what I promised

Believe it, and trust my words, I will make it success.

Don’t hear negative comments.

Because I already planned your life and don’t worry about people. I will always be with you and make you happy and prosperous in front of your enemies and your family.

Thank you Lord!

After 7 months!

I can’t imagine, after 7 months I am going to publish my post. Why I was busy for long periods. It’s personal. But I will explain soon. Anyway life is a journey that’s 101 right in my life.

My life is not 💯 % success. But I can say that live my life without anyone except Jesus. Yes, whatever comes in my life Jesus taking care of me. Even my loved once said I can’t accept your decision. They blocked me. They ignored me, But I live this life because God gave this life. This is my 2 nd life after got an accident. Nobody was there in my hard times. Only Jesus care me and love me.

Someone makes my family and friends against me. And he live his life cool. Why I can live my life as my wish .

Great experience! I went for asking help someone they shut the door in front of me. How that feel? I faced it. Because of him.

But I know one day God will open every door and he will give everything I want. That’s my Lord. No one can shut the door always. Because Jesus is there to help your situation and he will show the right way and success. I will rise up!

Amen! Love you Lord

Focus On God

God is my refuge and helps.

If you plant good things around you,

it will come to you on the best time with better things.
Ignore problems. Don’t force Negative things and the problems.

Look into the future and hold the hand of God.

When you see your God’s face, everything comes in positive.
God is with you No one can defeat you.

Jesus is strength. May be your problem is big, But just focus on Jesus.

He is your father, he can love you more than anyone does


Feet guided to the mountain,

One step, two step, three step

The Rain come on the way,

I forget to take the umbrella.

I can’t hide anywhere, because there don’t have any shelter.

I found the small tree as my comforter.

The rain went away and I started my walk.

Suddenly the darkness comes. It’s night.

I heard wolf sound. And I was scared and I prayed.

I didn’t stop, walking again.

Feet are painful, but walk through the way.

I reached the top of the mountain and sat there and looked up to heaven

And thank God.

Suddenly the sound comes from above.

You are in my hand. I will take care of you always.

No one can stop you; No one can finish you.

Before you reached the mountain, you faced challenges and fear.

But you never gave up. You came this way alone.

The world sees you are alone. But “I am the way, the truth and the life”!

I am always with you. Nobody can destroy you.

Trust or Understanding?

What is really we can’t find out each other?
Trust? No …
In my experience even it’s not right forgive me.
I realized what we can’t find out one another is understanding.
If the person understands you very well, there don’t have any separation.
If the person hides everything from other person said, that is the most unforgettable thing we can’t forgive each other.
Which is the part I learned from my experience.
Most of them not understand this. In this case we will lose each one trust.
I am not a person fully occupied this. But this is my experience.
Please don’t make your loved one nothing in your life.
Please share everything each other. That will guide your successful life.

Thank you for reading this.
Hope you all are doing well.
God bless you and your loved one.

Loving & Regards
Jeena George.

Friendly Post

Dear Friends,

Hope you all are doing well! I was going through some tough times.

Now I am getting better. I will come again here to write new blogs and hope you will enjoy.

How are you all? please comment here how are you doing all my precious followers.


Jeena George 🙂

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