How to avoid someone or some situation make you disturbed.

Sometimes, we disturbed or feel very lazy.

How to get a solution to avoid that moment and make the time for something better.

1) After wakeup just do breath exercise for getting a whole day refresh.

2) Drinking a glass of water.

3) Take a bath.

4) Think good thoughts, or think about how to make this day beautiful.

5) Pray for the new day and ask the God, please bless me and who I meet this day.

6) Thank to God.

7) If your parents with you just said they, pray for me and smile.

8) If you feel something boring in your work place, hear some good music for relaxation. So many beautiful songs there, and also right now so many good relax music applications.

Music and pray is the best meditation.

And your mind is the best solution.


How to Stop feels Disappointment.

Sometimes we feel we alone in this universe. But we forget about the right thing. Some moments we are alone. But when you get hope in your way, don’t worry for anything. Because no one can close your door and no one can make you alone.  Without hope you are nothing. Hopeless make your mind disappoint. Disappoint make you feel tired. And tired, your mind will make your feel suffering.

Be happy in all your situation. This is very easy to explain and also with your hope this is very easy to act in your real situation.

How hope will help to stop feels disappointing.

  • Read the good book always make you positive.
  • Be engaged with your hobby. (Example: Listening good music)
  • Be with your family, which person most love you.
  • Make your mind always pleasant.
  • Count your blessings and thanks to God for your blessings.
  • Take a walk.

What you must avoid when you feel disappointed.

  • Avoid those people around you and treat you like a joke.
  • Don’t make any friendship when you feel sad.
  • Don’t take any decision.




Treat well who is failing and tensed.

Control yourself in where you feel fear or anxiety. If you feel angry with someone, just stop talking, and clean your mind with good  thoughts  of God’s words.

God said “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

This message focused only Human. God knows we are not strong that much. So, he gives those words for us to make strong and powerful. When you think about you are not good enough for this, Do make your mind positive with God’s words.

And make sure you are a person to make God happy. Are you wondering about this.???


We believe God is with us. So, we need to be happy.


Believe your God and be positive always in your mind can make God happy.


Love yourself and you will be happy and positive. This is the life from God. He gives this life for us. Make the life always bright and honor.





Sometimes it goes off the road, but it will come on the road…

We never like to remember the past,

But the moments will take you to there sometimes,

I saw the mark on the table that was our tea glass seal. It  won’t change. And I won’t forget.

It will take you somewhere and think about the moments once Again.

After a two years back my brother sends one message for me..

I am a person can’t forget anything.

So, this message takes me to our childhood.

So, I realized best and pure relation has never broken down anywhere

We would like to travel to different places,” Sometimes it goes off the road, but it will come on the road”, When they need petrol.

Without petrol vehicle can’t run. So, without perfect decision, you can’t make positive things in your life.

forest road wallpapers Fotor



Quote :)


Don’t mind what others think about you,

Never mind what others speak about you,

But mind your words and keep your way always perfect.

How to find the perfection in your side

How to find the perfection in your side?

Sometimes we are very selfish.

Please be perfect. Just think about your loved one.

You are very punctual in your job. But did

You think about your loved one is happy?

  1. Spend your free time with your loved one.

How many times you spend with your loved one?

Distance never break them.  But your attention makes Them happy. They never ask anything from your side. But you must do something for them. Because your loved one needs something more valuable than money.

2. Don’t carry anger to your sleep.

When you go to bed, just make sure you are sorry to who were fighting with you. Sleep is the best meditation. Sometimes someone tried to solve that problem at that time, but it will disturb Your sleep or it won’t give a good wake up on the next day. So be perfect. The Bible said

“In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. Ephesians 4:26

3. Time won’t wait you…

When you think to do something, please do this today . Don’t think tomorrow. God gives you good talent so be good for this world. God’s coming day is near.

  1. Pray every day.

Prayer is the communication with God. It is the best medicine for everyday. When you always take prayer, you will refresh with a new day and new hope. It will give a strength to do your work perfectly and it will guide your steps on the correct track. When you go to bed you will relax and satisfied with this day. And thank him.





Life with you I feel love in you

You walk with me as you guide me now

Where we want to go…

Love in you I believe in you

We want to be always together…


You are my love,  you are my life

I want this always be with you


I am here, you there,

But our love always together.

God makes us perfect by his grace

His grace gives strength and power

When we miss each other.

And he gives blessings to us.