Perfect Time

Everything has a perfect time.

Who are always eagerly wait for the God’s timing.

Never, lose your hope.

Never change your mind.

Everything comes you with good and right manner.

Make your life always comfortable in every situation.

Sometimes, we failed to choose friends.

Sometimes we never think who will always with us, they will against.

But, That’s not ours fail. Our friendship value doesn’t value for them.

Every day, Life teaches us  a different story.

The Story is changed and story writers are different.

That is also involved in our life and characters.

Characters are changed in every situation.

Situation teach us different life style.

But, Every style of life makes you comfortable or uncomfortable.

Every day is another hope and new day.

Make your life always comfortable in every situation.

That is the good quality of people.

Find the good Quality of Last Benchers.

When I was little, I was thinking all were care us

But, after that I realize, so much are coming and go,

But only few of them remembered.

They were so different from others.

I always remembered my class last Benchers.

They were so different, but care and honesty.

They were making laugh, when we disappointed.

They got scolding from teachers.

I don’t understand why they are like this?

But I trust they obey their teachers and respect girls.

That’s why, I always remembered their names.

I don’t know where they are right now.

But I know one thing they reached their own aim with their honesty.

Because they were not selfish and ego.

This is for my classmates who were sitting in last benches.