Easter Message Poem

Windows are open,

Cool air on inside the room,

Suddenly the cloud around the sky,

And within minutes the drizzle rain come to touch my cheek

It’s cool, but something special,

The Holy week going to end,

It’s raining came to tell me something,

What I did this holy week,

I wasn’t wrong to anyone,

I ask, God, What you want to say?

Suddenly the nature came again cloudy,

And I was taking a coffee and sitting the corner bench,

Then I felt the sound came near to me,

And the sound said about this is the day to remember you,

And share you how much I love you,

No one knows how much I love you,

Someone or your relatives or others who were joking about you,

Never, ever you won’t revenge for them,

Because you like my words and you are always trying to go that way,

But I told you, dear, that, one day you will win this world by God’s grace.

Because Jesus won this world already for you,

He is the redeemer, he is the soldier, he is always the winner,

He is the one solution to all your needs.

Be honest and pray, You will get a reply from God.

Happy Easter all my dear friends and family.





The Holy Day Message

This is the day of Holy day,

This is Maundy Thursday,

Jesus knew what happened after this day,

But, He is the son of God, So, he knows whatever the situation on today or tomorrow,

His God will help him and save him.

How many of them here trusts in God now?

How many of them remember that day?

We know we went to church for worship,

But, We first realize in ourself what he need from us,

Yes, Trust and clean heart and obey him,

He will save you from  all your sin,

He always loves you more than anyone.

So, show your love for him.

Thank him always,

Holy Day with Holy Bible

My hand is waiting to hold my favorite book,

It is my solution, it’s my guide,

When I need support, it will give strength,

It’s not simple, it’s my life,

The whole world is in inside this book,

Whole life inside this book,

Whole solution inside this book,

Whole, happy inside this book,

This is a book, but It’s my favorite,

It’s not only a book, It’s my guide for my Life.



100th Blog Post :) Thank you

This is my 100th Blog post in WordPress. So,today  I am sharing  to Thanks to all my followers. And WordPress .

I started from Nov 14 2014. So, I was traveling 3 years and 4 months. I just want to travel a long. So, I decide to write more topics and interested subjects. Please Give a valuable advice from you.

“Thanks be to come from your heart

Not in your mood,

Some people expect your thanks

Who is thanks for everything on every time,

They will always remembered all other hearts.

Don’t expect a welcome from others,

Only your heart says to thanks to others.

Always thanks to God”.

So, I thank you all for follow me or like my blog or you visit my blog.

Love you all.

God bless you.




Life with you I feel love in you

You walk with me as you guide me now

Where we want to go…

Love in you I believe in you

We want to be always together…


You are my love,  you are my life

I want this always be with you


I am here, you there,

But our love always together.

God makes us perfect by his grace

His grace gives strength and power

When we miss each other.

And he gives blessings to us.





The Girl in the New City

City girl full HD modern wallpaper 22820140827228_Fotor

A girl in the city

She was new to that city,

But happy and safe in that city.

The road takes her to the right path.

Never alone and never sad.


Her  trust in God to help her in any situations.

God made her powerful and strong mind.

So, she never loses anything.

She was happy and satisfied with her blessings.


After the examination, she was deserving it.

So many people were trying to block her way,

Before she came here.

But God makes her way perfect and straight.


She understood her decision came from above,

And he has helped her to choose best forever.

Thanks for him always.






We Love Because God first Loved Us.

You are my Love and my soul mate

When I look into your eyes,

You tell me everything.

Thank you lord for guiding us.

Today is valentines day,

I remember the day because this is the day we start to talk.

I can’t forget this special day.

What I want to give you.

I remember the verse from the Bible,

“If two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven”.

I give this word for us.

And this day and whole days he will give his promise.

So, I pray for us, God bless us always.

We love because God first loved us.

Thank you Lord.

Happy Valentines day My Dear Husband.



All Stars of light Praise Him…

Look up into the heaven, who created all the stars.

Night Sky decorated with a light of a star.

All stars of light Praise Him,  Who created all the stars.

He counts the number of the stars;

He gives names to all of them.

He made all the star.

He guides them and

Let them be signs to mark the season.

Lights in the sky to light the earth.

A lamp shining in a dark place.

The sun to rule the day,

His faithful love endures forever.

And the moon and stars to rule the night.

His faithful love endures forever.

Look up into the heaven, who created all the stars.

Bible verse: Psalm 148:2-4, Psalm 147:3-5, Genesis 1:14-18,

Psalm 136:6-9




The Magic Words

How good and pleasant it is
When God’s people live together in unity!

Day by day I watch my books are in the same shelter,

They have words, they have a different attitude,

But they were living in the same tent and just be fun.

Sometime I watch they were moving from back,

Sometimes they were control me to take and read.

They were coming with us without asking where we are heading

They were reading our minds and come to hand best time

Help us from strange people when travel with.

One day I was alone, and when I take all the book

They were listening to my inner voice and response.

Suddenly one book come to my hand and make my mind refresh.

The words give me a good advice.

Right now people can’t live same shelter, people don’t try to understand each other, people will not support anyone, all are strange for everyone in every time. No one have a good time to give an advice for loved one.

Books are always giving best example for how to live.

Different authors different subjects they are different always

But living in the same shelter.


Faith in Jesus Christ

Save me lord from this world
Save me like you always do
Just want to be with you
I want your soul in my heart
For when I feel no one listen me

I am looking for your second coming
I am waiting for your call for me
Because you love me love me more than anyone
I love you love you always with your heart

You made me like an angel
You give me like a mother
You save me like a friend
You teach me like a teacher
You love me love me more than anyone

You give me hope when I am tired
You give me love when I need love
You give me success when I listen
You give me life when I am alone
You love me love me more than anyone.

Build God’s tent in your Heart

Jesus is my savior
Jesus is my strength
He is the key to my heart
There, have I seen his face

Love is real love is kind
Love is patience love is my god
I have never ever seen anyone like you
You are my savior all my life

Just be careful because we are here
When we are in his place
We are a free bird of there
Because he planned everything in everywhere

When no one help you
He will always touch with you
He is the only one solution
He is the owner of my life

He is here for my needs
He is always being here
Jesus is my good shepherd
He is caring me everywhere
I love my Jesus forever