Life is Like Weather

Sun is waving his light to me

Hope I am on the way to success

Winds are making my move fast

Clouds come to slow me to take some rest.

Life is like weather

Sometimes it’s raining, watering your paths to make your steps carefully.

Sometimes it’s Cloudy when you need some rest

Sometimes it’s Sunny That will make you strong and move fast.

When winter comes take the boot and jacket and Make yourself strong and Go fast as you can.

The Result will be a Success.

Don’t blame the situation you face

Go as fast as you can.

God create this world, so he can make the way perfect in every situation.

Life is only once. Live Happily.

May 1st my Birthday 🎂

Thank you Lord for giving this new year.

I really happy to be here and you gave this year for new beginnings.

Sometimes we miss someone special wishes, but God you make me happy.

Really thank you Lord, send me some angels around me to take care of me.

Everyone wish me a great year.

You wish me that you love me and take care of me in my all ways.

You promise me you never leave me alone.

You promise me you will give everything I pray.

Thank you Lord …… You are amazing…


Jeena George

Say sorry if you regret someone

Rise up again from the beginning,

Nature opens the new season,

Our way becomes perfect again,

Love the way we are going without a doubt,

Every Corner of the way We see something special,

But enjoy that moment once you get.

Never look at anyone at that moment,

You and your perspective are there for enjoying the moment.

Sometime in our life teaches us everything on one chapter.

Sometimes we need more to learn.

That’s always in your hand, You choose the best thing always.

Depends on your mind, will teach everything.

Your regret someone may be wrong.

That will be really unwanted or painful.

But, if you hurt someone, say sorry.

That will make you once you’re feeling okay with it.

But remember, if you regret someone, then sorry for them,

They need a time to understand why you regret them.

Once they got the point, they will thanks to you.

Because, you always be there in their heart.

Life always teaches us new thing, But Always Love.


Real Love doesn’t expect anything.

Love  always protects each other

Love chooses them together

And in their mind they should  love each other

Never a disappointment

But they don’t have a time to talk every day

They can’t meet every day,

They can’t spend time together on every day,

But they are in perfect love.

Nobody is like them, nobody can be same as them,

Because they are so different from others.

Why they love each other?

Why they met?

There have so many hidden and open questions,

But their love doesn’t need these questions.

Love doesn’t mean to fight or complain.

It will make them happy always.

Never make them unhappy. Love  always protects each other.

Their love always makes them rich.


Everything Will be Alright

I chose the interesting way for my future decision,

Where the place can live without someone,

I realized any place can live with our hope and believe.

The God shows the way of my future.

But most of the day sitting alone in the room

And searching top to the bottom of my heart

Really the way is God chose and give the best answer.

When you feel you are alone here, no one can give a priority,

Keep your mind and teach them, one day all one go through this way,

And they can understand your feeling.

But you will be okay, because you learned more than others .

When you feel alone, you can fight the situation,

And you will win all the situation.

Never compare your life with someone’s life.

You are different than others.

That’s why God made you different .

Be strong in your heart or make your heart strong in every situation.

Everything will be alright.

everything will be alright


I miss you when I wake up

I miss you when I walk

I miss you when I read

I miss you when I have a coffee


You are in my eyes and in my tears, I find I lose

Your breath where I miss

Morning I wake up and searched you

But you are not here

Without your presence I am blank

Without your words, my life not full

Without your smile I am incomplete

I can’t hold your hand and I can’t feel your breath now

Where are you hiding?


I can live like this

I can live with your moments

I can live with your words you gave

Where I miss you?


I know it won’t come in this life again

But I thank you for all your words and messages

You gave me a good thoughts and dreams forever

When I lost you?

God knows what is best for us on perfect time.

But I want to say I love you

And I miss you now.

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Do Good For Others

Do good for others, No matter, they respect you.

We always tell others change other mind,

First, we need to change our mind.

Sometimes no one help us in our struggle,

They always said, we can’t help you, Sorry.

But, you don’t murmur them.

Because God said, and God gives a word for you,

Do not put your trust in Human beings, who cannot save.

Only trust in God. He can save us

What is impossible with man is possible with God.

Sometimes we thought no one help us,

They all are trying to say no or you can’t.

But, God will give you what you asked him.

They always say some negative words against you,

They say about you, you are not enough,

Pray to God, and bless them,

God will give you a bright and successful way,

The door is open for you, that’s for you.

No one can shut the door.

Because God gives this way for you,

And God is with you all your way make success.

Do good for others and pray for others.

If they need your help.

Don’t matter they were not helping you in your struggle.

You are not like them, because, You are God’s precious one.

God help you in your struggle.

And God gives you the chance to help others,

God knows everything, They were not helped you in your struggle,

But God will answer them.

Now God makes you successful.

He will always with you.

And you are God’s Precious one.


Freezing Rain

Day in the morning

Started freezing rain,

The tree can’t shake it well

The house roof decorated with a white sheet

Afternoon the white sheet touched by the sun

And suddenly it make bright and the golden shine.

I saw one squirrel sitting in the outside corner

And looking outside and it’s enjoyed the Freezing rain,

The fat black squirrel, It’s hair very thick.

I am just sitting near to my window and looking the outside

The sound of rain like very heavy, but it’s only spray

Very chill and look like the outside roof was fully White.

I thank to God these all are your creation,

And I pray to god please save all of them,

From All types of weather.

God can only control the weather .

I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees their fruit.

Leviticus: 26:4


Difficult Road Lead to Great Destination

Life always teaches different lessons,

Some of them get their result early,

And some of them waiting for their results,

Some of them still didn’t realize what next,

But the result all one get equal opportunity.

Sometimes need, more time to achieve,

I felt this, our life journey like a road travel.

Someone tries to catch their way shortest road,

Someone tries to catch their way long road,

But don’t worry about your time how long it will take,

Someone thinks I am reaching first because they get shortest road.

Someone thinks I am late because of my road was long .

But you feel you are still on the road to find your way,

Don’t worry, You will be the great decision and you are the most experienced person .

Because you found your way a long road, you got so much experience

As good or bad, You can understand what is good and what is bad,

You can achieve the best in your future.

You can identify which one and who is the best in your future.

Don’t think you are alone or you are the person still running to achieve your dream.

One day you will be in the greatest place and guide so much.

Because no one is there against you in the future.

God always with you. He is the only one with you in your struggle,On your way.

If someone tried to joke about  you,

Pray for them, And bless them.

You will achieve your dream soon and you will win.

Remember your heart always positive.

Sometimes we were not getting a time for talking with friends,

But where is your result and where is your dream make always perfect.

Good friends always there for you after your achievement and they will greet you in greatest word.

Don’t think too much, You will win always.

Because God is always with us.


“Miracle” (Life can teach your way)

Prayer is the success of Miracle,

When it’s beginning,

If you have everything and everyone on your side,

Pray to God,

If you lose your friends or relatives  or anything,

Pray to God,

Don’t say, you are no one in this world,

You are a part of this world and a solution for someone,

Because the God Know from your creation.

He made you and he give you who needed most,

That’s why you are a part of this  family,

Even you were born in a rich family, or someone not much rich family,

Or someone thinks I am Born but I don’t have a family,

Or someone thinks I was born in an orphanage,

Or I was born in anywhere,

But, You will need to realize you are not alone,

All are in this world for particular reasons,

Think about Jesus, he is the Child of God

And Mary gave birth to Jesus, that time Mary and Joseph don’t have a room.

He has just been born in a stable.

But God makes him rich in his heart and he realized he was the son of God,

And we all are God’s child, But, we need to obey and

We need to trust him in all your times,

Don’t question don’t think bad about you,

Because you can only do the good things in this world,

And you will win.

If you are not born in a rich family,

That’s not an issue, You must satisfy your life what you have already,

If you don’t have any relatives, God will make you someone for who need you most,

Don’t think you are the only one like this,

Don’t think you are the losers in your life or work,

Every time you need to be satisfied with your life,

At least, You have a home, but someone in the street doesn’t have a house and living in a tent or something,

At least you have family, but there have someone don’t have a family,

So, who needs care or support just give them what they need,

If you can give one time food, give them,

Or at least your smile will be their satisfaction

Our smile God, creation, Not your own,

So spread your smile.

Bless them, God need this from your side.

Be god’s child always, God has a plan for you.

God can help you.

I saw so many people on the street and ask us to give something

Food, money, shelter fee,

We can’t help all one at a time,

But, Give them if you have an ability today, How much you can give, give.

Sometimes it is very little amount, but that’s very huge for them.

When your faith in God, He will make you win or success.

Today you think, you can’t do this or you are not fit for or selected

But In your faith in God, Will soon you will achieve your aim

You will be satisfied with your life.

But God wants from you faith and Kindness.

Find your  way there has so much way.