Bad day goes to a Good day

I thought I lost my strength, But the time he came to transform me, And Guide me to the richest hope. I was all alone the way of my journey, I believe God will show the right help on the way. I walk again with a hopeful heart. I turn the right way because thereContinue reading “Bad day goes to a Good day”

Birdie Fly to Destination

Fly high and every hope I put in God He is my strength and love I spread my wings wide open, But God guide me every path I need to fly. Nobody can stop me. Because, He already wrote the way I want to go. On the way, I fear the height, My wings areContinue reading “Birdie Fly to Destination”


Feet guided to the mountain, One step, two step, three step The Rain come on the way, I forget to take the umbrella. I can’t hide anywhere, because there don’t have any shelter. I found the small tree as my comforter. The rain went away and I started my walk. Suddenly the darkness comes. It’sContinue reading “Alone”

Don’t Give Up. Keep Going…

Remember this…. This is not the first time your heart was broken. So, don’t give up, don’t quit. You know how you went through and how you recovered from there. If you know how you can go through with this, You will get your reward soon.

Silence Speaks!

Your silence makes me to remember your words. Words are attracted to me while you were talking to me. I remember those days you make me smile. And this entire life I happy with those memories. I wish I want to see you again and make days again beautiful. When you hold my hand, youContinue reading “Silence Speaks!”

Mighty God!

God is full of hope and Love. He is the mighty God. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He removes my pain and stress And he promised me he will be always with me He promised me, he never leaves me. He will give joy and strength in everyday. I follow him everyday.Continue reading “Mighty God!”

My Sunshine

We are living in different cities, But you are the one only make me laugh every moment. Once I told you, we are living in different cities. But you always with me in my heart and thoughts. When I wake up I noticed that you are not here. But, your sweet and loving words aroundContinue reading “My Sunshine”

Smiling Girl in the City

Once upon a time the girl came to this city And she made an identity by Own herself. Because she always smiles to everyone. Because more than that, she believes God and his love. Whenever, she goes outside, she keeps God’s word in her heart, And give a good smile to people who are lookingContinue reading “Smiling Girl in the City”