I love my mom because God gives her to me.

Mother like a guide

She opens her mind

Guide to perfect way for success.

Her words always with me.

Never late, never fail.

I know God loves her and

Bless her abundantly.


Her words always touch my heart,

And her word is my hope and achievement.

She teaches me about God words.


Sometimes I see her eyes with God presence,

And she gave that power to me,

How to talk with God, and How to thanks him always.

She said “Don’t hear what others said,

Because they don’t know who we are.

God knows who you are, and he loves you more than anyone from this world.

He guide you and he teaches you,

And he is the only way.

He will lift you up.

Nothing can stop God’s plan for your life”.

I love my mom because God gives her to me.






Handle with Care – Reality.

Reality does not come without your knowledge. It is connected with your mind and your work. Never mind when this makes some guilt on your way. One day it will change and clear your way to success. Reality depends on today, not tomorrow. When the way is perfect, reality of tomorrow will guide you to the next level and it is always being perfect.

So, don’t think too much about tomorrow. It will be a next reality, so careful to handle present reality and done with your mind and make good days.

When I down to think something about the present situation, I just stopped to think about that way. I just relaxed first and talk with who support me always. And finally I got a solution for that, I understood where I miss my confidants. And I take promise to never be like lost my mind again.

I used to pray for every day in every situation. I can’t live without the God presence. He is the only one solution and guide for your life make success and reality make perfect.