Trust or Understanding?

What is really we can’t find out each other?
Trust? No …
In my experience even it’s not right forgive me.
I realized what we can’t find out one another is understanding.
If the person understands you very well, there don’t have any separation.
If the person hides everything from other person said, that is the most unforgettable thing we can’t forgive each other.
Which is the part I learned from my experience.
Most of them not understand this. In this case we will lose each one trust.
I am not a person fully occupied this. But this is my experience.
Please don’t make your loved one nothing in your life.
Please share everything each other. That will guide your successful life.

Thank you for reading this.
Hope you all are doing well.
God bless you and your loved one.

Loving & Regards
Jeena George.

Friendly Post

Dear Friends,

Hope you all are doing well! I was going through some tough times.

Now I am getting better. I will come again here to write new blogs and hope you will enjoy.

How are you all? please comment here how are you doing all my precious followers.


Jeena George 🙂

Today will be a GOOD DAY!

Where we are going to start our day.

Thank God for this new day.

Try to smile whether you feel happy or not.

Understand God’s purpose in you.

Maybe, yesterday was against you.

But today, God wakes you up for your dream come true.

Never underestimate his blessing.

Maybe you feel you are alone. Nobody is with you.

God is always with you.

However, the situation makes you feel terrible.

Move on. Otherwise, you will be the same place where have been for these years.

Thank him all the blessings he gave to you.

Faith in him. Everything will be going better.

It will be the great day.

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

The Bible

Angels Dream

Deep sleep tonight,

I travelled to somewhere I ever been before.

I found some familiar faces there,

Inside I am asking, why they are here,

Suddenly, two angels come and says to them,

Don’t make her cry or sad.

Because, it can’t be easy to forgive you.

Because God loves her more than anyone.

I saw the man running very fast and protect me,

He who wears clothes like a warrior?

I know It’s my Savior.

Story from memories!

I walk up with a new hope and good habits. Yes, one of my good habit always that I Pray every day. And Next is my Coffee. I am a Coffee Lover. Today also same, I walk up and open my door, just look around, And I heard a water flowing sound from Uncle’s room. Of course, he is a morning Person. He woke up already. Suddenly I run to the kitchen and I make a Coffee for Uncle and me.

And when I open the fridge door, Uncle was there.  Wish each other a good morning. And after that we read Newspaper and having coffee in the dining room. Today It’s a bright day.

And, my Niece Isobel has already woken up. She is coming and say good morning and she just goes and sitting in the living room and turn on the television and watching her favorite shows, sometime it’s Arthur or My little Pony or SpongeBob. Don’t think she is only watching this kind of programs. She is a great girl I have ever seen, she is watching national geography, and world exploring channels. And also, she is a Good artist. She draws great pictures. Such a lovely girl. Always smile. I never feel she is my niece. I always feel she is my 11 year’s old Younger sister.

At the same time Uncle went to take some cup of milk for Isobel. After a few minutes later, when we have done our paper reading, we started to prepare our breakfast and have it before 8.30 am.  Aunt is a very good cook. She makes different kinds of foods. Everything is delicious.

Sometimes, my nephews coming uncle’s home, when they both are here, Isobel is so happy. Well My nephews, are Alex & Avery. They both are very busy kids. They don’t like to waste their time. They both are respect each other. Playing games together. And also, like siblings they will fight and they will be together within seconds. I felt sometimes, Me and my sister was like this when we were kids. When Isobel is here, they enjoy their day.

We always Pray for a better future. 🙂 ❤

How to make your Day and Night Happy…

  • Getting Good sleep:

Eat at least 3 hours before bed

Drink enough water in daytime

Make sure your body got good exercise today.

Take a shower.

Read at least 300 words.

Relax your body.

Pray before you go to bed.

  • Morning wake up with good heart

When you wake up, drink water.

Close your eyes and Pray


Write a journal or make a daily duty and write on paper.

Take a Shower.

When you go out, give a good smile.

Every day spend some time with good people.

Respect others.

Learn New things.

Everything takes a positive way. Ignore negative people or negative things.

Talk to your Loved one.

Take a Walk. Or exercise.

Eat healthy food.

Morning Song

Another Bright day coming

We are ready for our duties,

Someone celebrated their festivals,

Someone realized, this is for new beginners,

The world is full of busy

All are going to find their needs,

But, No rest of time for their loved once,

They can spend the time for fighting, joking,

But we don’t have a perfect time for realizing ourself,

The Birds are a good motivators every time,

They were doing their duties

But they can sing a song in the morning,

They are praise to God in every morning,

Praise to God in every morning

He will give all your needs on perfect time.

Bird Praise To God_Fotor


Morning Message

Wake up, it’s a good morning,

Thanks to God for this new day,

New hopes and New thoughts,

Love your surround  without any expectation,

This is the new beginning, to start your hope,

By God’s grace, it will be successful,

Don’t think too much, Always pray with a clean heart,

No one can judge you, because God will be with you.

Friends can give anything,

 But God can give everything full of hope and bless.

So, Do something good for who needed.

God will count, it’s your blessings.




I feel refreshed, because another day I am awake and get a breath in this world. God has a purpose in me. He always takes me to new way and done it like a game how we complete the game. Some day it was easy to recognize how I complete the purpose of the day. Someday it was a little bit harder than usual. But, always I enjoyed. Life never waits for our time. We want to wait for the best time. All time is best, with how we faced it all.

Love always makes us happy. When we born this world our family loves us. When we grow up, our friends, loves us, when we get married, partner loves us. When we have children our children, loves us. But, life never waits for your time. We are going with life. But we can do one thing, that we can decide what way we can go. That depends on your mind. On the way of life, always listen to your mind. But, don’t forget to think that is your life. Make Life MEANINGFUL.

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How to avoid someone or some situation make you disturbed.

Sometimes, we disturbed or feel very lazy.

How to get a solution to avoid that moment and make the time for something better.

1) After wakeup just do breath exercise for getting a whole day refresh.

2) Drinking a glass of water.

3) Take a bath.

4) Think good thoughts, or think about how to make this day beautiful.

5) Pray for the new day and ask the God, please bless me and who I meet this day.

6) Thank to God.

7) If your parents with you just said they, pray for me and smile.

8) If you feel something boring in your work place, hear some good music for relaxation. So many beautiful songs there, and also right now so many good relax music applications.

Music and pray is the best meditation.

And your mind is the best solution.