Focus On God

God is my refuge and helps.

If you plant good things around you,

it will come to you on the best time with better things.
Ignore problems. Don’t force Negative things and the problems.

Look into the future and hold the hand of God.

When you see your God’s face, everything comes in positive.
God is with you No one can defeat you.

Jesus is strength. May be your problem is big, But just focus on Jesus.

He is your father, he can love you more than anyone does

New Year 2021

Happy New Year my dear friends.

God bless us and make our heart desires always.

Last year we went through so much pressure and struggles and lose.

But we reached new year and God give this beautiful year to hope wonderful success and achievement in our life.

Where ever we are God given this life to know each other.

That’s the best miracle God gave.

Thank you so much my dear followers.

I wish you all success and wonderful New Year ahead.

God bless you.


When you think there haven’t any way to success or hope, God will start from there and give you abundant blessing.


God has never been silent when we feel depressed or lost.

He always gives the solution.

But you should find out the right way by his grace.

Maybe you can’t see with your physical eye.

You have to open your inside eye.

And he will give an idea how to survive from those situations.

He will make you strong as well as kind.

Time Is Luck!

Utilize it’s more precious and valuable.

Never underestimate you lose.

Because, that lose might be making you strong,

If you are taking that in a positive manner.

The present moment has never come back again.

So, give an importance of current time.

If the circumstances, maybe against you,

But, Think of the other side, If you can’t today,

Then when can you do this?

Waiting for years? Don’t do that. Because, the time never waits for you to make your own decision.

Time will be there for you now.

So, if you want to try new things or taking a decision.

Take that challenge now and try to fulfill your dream come true.

Hope, in every second. Because, you don’t know when God going to do a miracle.

He will do a miracle anytime.

How I blessed

Miracle may be coming from a human or maybe it’s coming by situation.

Every day we need to believe God and we listen our God what he is told to us.

Who are so close to God only knows everything is His miracle.

Others can’t know it’s a miracle or it’s all his hand made.

Then only we can thanks to him.

So,  we always need to make our mind his way.

If anyone truly agrees with you, make them also understand what God says you.

It’s  a very important thing in our life.

Every day we see someone and what are giving back to them?

Just smile them.

My God always hear my heart, he always give what I want.

He always thinks about me and he always makes a good way for where I want to go.

And he always leads me and make me happy.

Thanks to him. He is the only one hear my words and keep my promise.

Every parent said, go very carefully.

 But I hope if you know God and If you pray to god,

God always guide you and there has nothing to worry.

Because my parents send me abroad to study or travel they pray to God

Keep my daughter safe your hand, yes My lord always takes care of me.

I believe him, he always with me. He guides me every way of my life.

Thank God.

God never leave you alone

I think nowadays we all are getting each together to understand our purpose. Sometimes I feel how I got you all your attention and your love. But I understand my God purpose in me like to get everyone in one direction. When I start my blog I think it’s only writing something popular. But it’s more than that now. I feel it’s my God’s decision.

I really thank to my loving God ❤️.

We all have different talents, someone can sing someone can write, someone can read, anything… It’s all from heaven our God’s gifts. Be appreciate everyone. And do everything with God’s love and his blessings. It will be double to get a grace from above. We will get a rise. For example if you love to write, do writing and always give thanks to our God. Because today you rise up and you got a chance to write. Not your own ability. It’s always God’s ❤️.

Someone ask me how you believe your God like very much? I have only one answer is God loves me first. When I alone he with me and he says I am with you and you never ashamed. You never fail, you never alone, I am with you. I believe him today and tomorrow. ❤️😇🙏

Someone ask me how to make if someone not trusting God very much?

I have an answer. If you are the person not trusting very much, I am telling you, first you go to your room, close your door, take Bible, open it, read it loudly, I will give some verses just read it every morning and evening, Deuteronomy chapter 28: 2- 13 . Listen, it’s God’s promises. Not a human. Read carefully, trust those words, and faith you will get. God will be with you. If you feel bad ask him what to do, you will get an answer from Lord. He will surely help you. Someone said to you I don’t need you. But God always know you and he need you everyday. So practice every day how to go with him. God will guide you. Don’t worry about other says, God is with you. You will win.

Every night you sleep and you don’t know about tomorrow is there or not. But God knows everything. He never fail you. Just imagine Trust and hope is the two hands of your body. It’s always make you powerful in total your body.

Thank you Jesus 🙏 Amen.


Sometimes, we think about what we haven’t.

We never appreciate that what we had already.

I believe my Lord, He gives everything for me.

Sometimes I thought I didn’t ask this great thing, but he gives whatever I ask and what I didn’t ask.

Because, he is the only one can give everything to me.

Truly, maybe we didn’t get anything, be patient and wait for his time.

His time is perfect and best forever.

He is planning to give more than we ask and

He is planning to show the best way to find our achievement in soon.

We are human, we suppose believe or may not.

But, You don’t make your heart trouble.

We can’t take two ways at a time.

So, don’t panic. Don’t make your heart negative.

If you believe your God, believe him and trust his words,

He never forgets you, he never leave you.

He will always with  you in all your ways and all situations.

I love my Lord always.


Daily we will get a good lesson from our experience in our duty.

We just smile to focus on whatever the situations there. Because all are different needs to make our life happy. God gives a life to make always grateful. Sometimes, it doesn’t mean to perfect. But, We are always trying to make the perfect example.

Sometimes, we try to follow something different way. But, Someone doesn’t understand what we are doing. But, If you are doing with God’s word, It will be perfect in his way. Don’t look  to others who are trying to say you cannot do that.

But God can do everything and God can make all things possible from impossible.

Because the Bible says In LUKE 7:14 He said, “Young man, I say to you, get up!” The dead man sat up and began to talk, and Jesus gave him back to his mother.


How to change mood from sad to happy

Smile is the great achievement. The smile always important. Nowadays our situation has changed a lot.

We live with the struggles in the Family, Financially, Work and etc. But we learn and know how to adjust to living. But we forget to smile. Just ask yourself, If someone gives a smile, You give back the smile or not?

Just forget about the situation you faced and just smile to change your mood.

  • Smile to mirror when you wake up (Because you need to smile on your face make happy with yourself).
  • Walk at least 2 Km in every day. You just walk and give a good smile to others and make them happy also.
  • Go to the best place for spending 30 minutes to find and realize how to achieve the weekly goal.
  • Do what you like, Write, Read, Dancing, Or Gym
  • And at least live alone one day without any friends. Just live one day alone. No calls, Just Go outside and spend some time at the coffee shop and walk and pray.

Because, Our life is a journey, we get good friends, but they don’t be there in your all situations. Someone coming and going. Or when we feel something struggle, no one is there for you. So, we can find the way how to face this situation, when we before tried to live alone. So, that will help for you to strong in your mind whatever the situation coming into your life.



How God’s Unexpected ways will lead you

Today I am going to share a message from Someone shared in social network And what I felt about that message.

One Paster his  living and worship for God purpose and he give thanks to him always.

He speaks God’s word in his church and He share a good message for the whole people in that church.

He shares a message about faith in the Lord. How we can trust in the Lord and obey him and wait him his result. He is very good speech share all of them and Praise to Lord.

After that he need to go to Home, He just called his wife and said, the worship was great and God bless so many people here and their faith in God now.

Then he said to wife, I am on the way, I will be there on within one hour, Here Heavy rain. And He started the Car and He Just headed the journey to his Home.

On the way to the road, he can see, but heavy rain and Snow. So, he just slows down the Car, Suddenly he saw one large tree fall down the road and suddenly saw and he stopped the car. And he just see in front of the car there have one big large tree fall down. No vehicle there.

Suddenly he asked to God, my God I worship you today, I share a good faith message to church peoples, and I give a faith in God, Then why this happen for me? I praise you and I didn’t do anything against you. This time, you know, there have no vehicles pass this road, and no houses here. Then how can I go to my home. There is no range in my cell phone. Oh my Lord why this happens?

Suddenly he felt God needs to say something to him, He hears God’s voice in his heart and he listens carefully his sound.

The Lord says, My child, please Go near to the tree .

He just  goes to near the tree and said to Lord, I didn’t see here anything.

Then the God said, You just try to stand that tree branch.

He is just standing the one of the big branches and he saw there have no road after the tree.

And the God said, I know, you share a good message to all people, I know you love me a lot, I know, you didn’t do against me, I know there haven’t any vehicle come this way at this time, I know here no Houses, I know here no one will save you.

That’s why I am here to give a mark. This mark will save you my loved one. You are my child, you are my precious one. That’s why. I will not leave you.

Yes, Our God is a Savior, Only He can do this. Sometimes we are questioning  the Lord, why this happens? I didn’t do anything against you.I always believe you, But why I couldn’t get my result? We asked to God like this, But God knows, where is the best place for you, when is the good time for you, He knows about us more than us,

Sometimes, we need to wait some while, but He gives the opportunity that will always for you.

This story mentioned the tree is the mark. That means, after that no roads. There have dark and dead.

But he closed the dark and dead from us. He stopped us sometimes. But after that we can see the big ways in our life and or another best way he can show us. We need to wait sometimes, for God’s time will come soon. He will give permanent Opportunity.

Whatever needs you have? Sometimes you felt you were alone, No one can help us,

So many people can help us, but they didn’t help us, Don’t be afraid, because God knows you, God knows which is the best way more than you think or your helpless people.

He will guide you. He will give the permanent and Big Better opportunity for you. But you Just wait for his timing with Faith.

Don’t tired. He can give strength. He will bless you and make you better than before.