“Out of Difficulties grow Miracles”.

Ben is waiting for his friend Danny. Ben is a computer engineer, since 4 years when he came to New York. His friend is a musician, but he doesn’t work in a musical company or any studio. He is not that much rich. His aim is to be a good musician. But he doesn’t getContinue reading ““Out of Difficulties grow Miracles”.”

How to live life Today

Don’t compare money & love.Money does not help you to understand your life value. Love always does for the value of life achievement. The World is expecting money to build a new love of life. But that can’t give you back your expecting love. If you have money more than anyone, don’t think you haveContinue reading “How to live life Today”

Love the God with your heart, Then he will bless you from Heaven.

Love is never ending It will start again&again The heart needs love forever. The Bible said “ Love the Lord your God with all your heart” God loved the world, So, love the god with our heart, because he gave the world. If anyone from this world hates you, don’t worry, because god loves you. HeContinue reading “Love the God with your heart, Then he will bless you from Heaven.”

God send a friend forever :)

Today is the special day I want to wish my friend, happy birthday. I don’t know when we met But always remember beautiful moments with my friend   He is not only my friend, he is my teacher, He is my adviser, he is my church friend When I miss my parents my friend &Continue reading “God send a friend forever :)”

I will Never Walk Alone…

Jesus comes to me when I am alone I feel I am alone but you always with me, That’s the hope make me alive here You are the only one with me ever.   Feel I am alone but you always with me You make me smile when I cry You make my thought alwaysContinue reading “I will Never Walk Alone…”

Wait in silence, walk by faith

That is silence. For the best example of faith in Jesus And their faiths will success at last. Sometimes we know Jesus will answer in sudden or he will wait in some more times for best in our success & another beautiful & powerful method of faith in god, god give an example with powerfulContinue reading “Wait in silence, walk by faith”

New Year 2016 Celebration at Church

Happy New Year My friends… we are celebrating our New year Morning at church. it is a wonderful achievement. Church prayer it was taking on December 2015 to 1st January 2016 Morning. God is our success & Happiness where we need . Thank you Jesus for this wonderful year. we are praying together, May GodContinue reading “New Year 2016 Celebration at Church”

Faith in Jesus Christ

Save me lord from this world Save me like you always do Just want to be with you I want your soul in my heart For when I feel no one listen me I am looking for your second coming I am waiting for your call for me Because you love me love me moreContinue reading “Faith in Jesus Christ”

God is on your side.

                    Watch your tongue and keep your mouth shut, and you will stay out of trouble. It is always helpful for good talk. Sometimes your tongue is very dangerous, So, please understand your tongue very well. Don’t talk to anyone in every situation. Where the good situation begins, then only you can speak with yourContinue reading “God is on your side.”

Proper answer is always fine…

When people taking arguments and it will show here? If someone asks some questions, all are using to say since it’s coming from few more years before. Why they are always saying like this? Because no one knows about that main reason currently happens here. But anyone regret or obey what the current headline here,Continue reading “Proper answer is always fine…”