Year end thanksgiving to God

Thanks always be to god. Yesterday, today and tomorrow I will thanks to my god. I want to thank you for this year end and bright new year. Thank you for giving the best opportunity and best times. Thanks to You didn’t make me fail. You made me great and rich. Sometimes I was startingContinue reading “Year end thanksgiving to God”

Christmas music always makes us happy. “Merry Christmas”…

We celebrated Christmas with our God bless. “Glory to God in the highest heaven, And on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:14 Christmas music always a symbol of peace and love. So many Christmas songs are there for celebrating our special day. After my marriage, I heard my husband favoriteContinue reading “Christmas music always makes us happy. “Merry Christmas”…”

Words in Christmas card meaningful….

I opened my old suitcase for to get my old memories. I found there a bundle of greeting cards. I am very excited to open them, and I read it carefully. Look there for an hour. It’s not broken, but the ink was a little bit older. But I try to rewrite the words well.Continue reading “Words in Christmas card meaningful….”

Christmas verse from old and new testament.

We can find Jesus birth information in the old testament and new testament books. What’s the best information are they were written in the old testament, about Jesus birth and after his duty. Old testament explained about Jesus birth Isaiah 9:6 explained For to us a child is born, To us a son is given,Continue reading “Christmas verse from old and new testament.”

Never will I leave you; Never will I forsake you.

Escape from who avoid you. When you feel someone avoids you Just don’t disturb them again. They don’t expect you to care, And they are not. God doesn’t avoid you at any time He always cares your love, And Give his all love for you without expectation. He is the only true person doesn’t avoidContinue reading “Never will I leave you; Never will I forsake you.”

Mother love guides her child

My childhood, my mom used to say study after reads the bible and pray. That way I have continued always. She gives a good example for everyday.  Her voice deeply touches my heart. Because, where the times goes, mother voice never goes from our heart. Her own quotes live in our heart. It will neverContinue reading “Mother love guides her child”

Gift For Special One

Several gifts are there, but I finally found the watch was my gift to my husband. In my way the watch was very beautiful and priceless. Is this expensive or not? That’s not my option. I like the watch and he will. When you read this, you think what’s the most important in this? WhatContinue reading “Gift For Special One”

Short But High

God makes someone as our father when we stay far away from our father presence. When we missed our father, when we want our father near to us, they will be as our father. We know no one can replace a father, but we can feel them like as a father. Because they will beContinue reading “Short But High”

If you can forgive your enemy, why can’t forgive your family?

Life is going very fast. I just look around, and someone wants to tell me something about their family. But I don’t want to hear their personal matters, because if you have any personal issue in your family, just open your heart for who are waiting for. I hope that’s good. Please solve your familyContinue reading “If you can forgive your enemy, why can’t forgive your family?”

You are the Truth

One time one way, so why where I am Just one day I have to realize That’s not true, but all one does underestimate No one can realize me, that’s why you are One day one way you will know what the truth is Don’t judge others No one is perfect now, but make yourContinue reading “You are the Truth”