God’s Promises Never Fail (Part 2)

She wake up Morning, today  she is celebrating her 10th Birthday. She wake up so early today, because this is her birthday. She didn’t sleep well. Because she dreamed something new, get a good gift on this day. She just goes to fresh and change the dress. It’s so beautiful white dress with beautiful little pink flowers on her dress. And she smiled to mirror and tell herself, thank you Lord, you made me so beautiful and you give all good things for me. Thank you Lord. And she goes into the room. And pray to God. God you give this day to bring hope and new lesson. Last year you  made me proud and make me rich and you make me pass all the subjects. I complete your all lesson’s questions. God Today is a new day for the next year. God, what is the purpose and what are the lessons I should complete? Please tell me the lessons. And I am here on earth for you. I saw you in my very young age, when you come to see me she asked?

Suddenly she felt something in her heart to say, Dear my little and precious loved one, I am here for you. Please feel like always I am with you. I know you completed your lessons. And you wait for the Last year result. Dear child, You have already passed my lessons. When you came to know me, I promise you, you always my child. No one can separate from me. Dear, I am coming to bless you today. And I am giving this year lessons for you that How to think differently without your friend?

She asked her God, what you mean you said?

God said, Yes  you want to complete these lessons on your way. But don’t forget you are not alone. I am always with you. Sometimes you feel no one understand you, But I will make pass this year. I know my dear,  you will understand. Whatever happens, don’t worry. I will come to guide you. Because I am your way, truth, and life.

She smiled and thank to God. And she said to God, This is hard, but I know you will with me, So, I don’t have a problem.

She completed her prayers, she goes to the living room. Her father waiting for her to wish. She called Papa, I am here, good morning, Her dad said Happy Birthday. And she waits for her birthday gift. Yes, Dear this is your gift. She looks dad’s gift, yes, that is a chocolate cake, her favorite. And her mother comes to wish her and kiss her cheek. Her elder sister suddenly come and wish her a good birthday and hand making cards. She liked very much. Her Grandma, Looked her to wish her My dear happy Birthday. She said thank you granny.

And the next day is Sunday, she went to church. It’s a competition day. Song, bible reading, writing story. She participates the song, and bible reading. She sings the song, but she doesn’t get a prize. She thinks she was singing nicely and will get price sure. But unfortunately she don’t get. She participates bible chapter open game, She failed that game also. She felt no problem, this is a game she make her heart it’s ok. But suddenly one boy he is a friend of her Sunday school, and he said you didn’t get a prize, ow.. Poor, silly,

Then she cried in heart and she felt sad. Her eyes full of water and it’s starting to come down her cheek. She has hidden to somewhere and cried. Because that is her friend, said. But, after sometimes she felt this was the way the God said you will learn this lesson. And she goes to inside the church and told him, I don’t have a problem. I didn’t get first prize for this competition. But In heaven, I will get a First prize. My God will give first prize for me in front of all people. Then he will show you what is the best prize.

And she felt she won that first lesson. And she always thanks to God .

Sometimes she felt why this happens, But she will get an answer that Her God gives the solution. And she smiled to take her lessons one by one and completed what God said to her. She is not complaining To God. She felt My God all Year my Birthday came and give the instructions and lessons. So, she can Take the lessons very careful and very positive. Because Her believe and her prayer guide her.




Little Child & Jesus (Part 1)

In this current situation we are running to save our family or our needs ,

Sometimes we  struggled with our life situation. But don’t fail. And we should not fail. All are equal in God’s eye. God doesn’t look anyone status, anyone cash or their profession. He looks into our hearts.  He need his presence in our heart. He looks into our hearts that we hold his cross in there.

I heard one story from my grandmother.  One day Jesus and little child play. She always wakes up and get ready to play with Jesus. One day Jesus said to little child. If Jesus goes to somewhere for a few days you remember me? She said yeah, I will remember you. Then Jesus asks her I will go for a year you remember me? Yes, I remember you. Then Jesus ask her if I go for a while, you remember me? She suddenly stops her play and ask him where are you going for a while without me?

Jesus said I want to leave from here for a while for a reason. That’s my God Purpose. But I will come back soon and take you with me. She started to cry and ask him, please take me with me. I want to come with you. But he said no, I can’t take you now. But you can carry my cross with me, are you ready to take. She said yeah, I am ready to take you. Then suddenly he moved from there, she can’t say anything, but she started to cry. Suddenly her mother come and take her, what happened sweety? Why you are crying. Mom, I play with Jesus everyday. But suddenly today what happened to him, he said he will come back soon. But why he sudden move from here. He didn’t say bye. Why Mom. She just ask what, you play with Jesus every day? What are you saying? How many days you play with Jesus? I play with Jesus almost one month. Mom said Dear, You don’t know he is not here. He is in Heaven.

But little child said , No Mom, he is here with me. He will come back soon to take me with him. Mom said ok, he will come back soon. You must wait for him. She said of course mom, I will.

But Next day she wakes up and get ready to go to play with Jesus. She just sees everywhere, where is Jesus? She started to cry and ask where are you Jesus? I don’t have any friend  here. Please Come back. Suddenly she heard his sound from her backside. But she didn’t see him. She asks him where are you? I want to see you. Jesus said, I will be with you always. You are my precious one. You don’t cry anymore. If you feel you are alone or you don’t have friends, Come to me, I am with you and I will guide you. But how I come Jesus, She asks him, Jesus said you believe me? You trust me? You are taking me as your father? She said yes I am. Then he gives his cross and holy spirit to her heart . She feels I am strong, I am well enough. Jesus said I am going right now, but I will be with you always. You have my blessings with you. Keep going child. But don’t forget to pray every day. Prayer is the key to open  the closed door. You can ask I will give to you. So you pray and I will open the door for you. Sometimes you feel tired or struggled, you feel you are alone. But remember my words in Bible. What you want in all your times, I will give you the message in the Bible. Read and trust me. I will give you all need.

Little child believes Jesus , and She always obey him.


Treat your surround or nature always beautiful.

Hi, 🙂

Please treat your locality clean and good. Why I choose this topic today. I had a bad realistic happen yesterday. When we go to the mall in our local area. It’s a huge mall, Good car or vehicle parking area on under the mall. But so many things I want to share about our peoples response.

We reached at the mall it was Saturday. So, busy and crowded. A very big parking area located under the mall. But most of the people parking out of the mall for saving their parking fee. But I wonder about, they can spend 1000’s of money for shopping and eating. But they won’t like to give parking fee 20 Rs-50Rs. Very disappointed.
I don’t know what they think. But they were disturbing others. Because, they are parked on the road side. And it will make a huge block. Nowadays our road under working progress. So, the vehicle can’t run proper way. If anyone park the vehicle at the roadside, in the same time any urgency vehicle want go to the hospital, it will create a block. Why people always selfish? Only they think their side only. Please keep this in your mind and don’t make this stupid in your side or your friend’s side.

The Road is for journey. Not for parking or your discussion. I saw someone yesterday, on the bypass road, talking on her phone and she passes the road like walking into her house. She just shakes her hand to drivers, please make the way for her. No rules for pedestrian. Only drivers want to obey the rule. I don’t understand, what people think about this? First, pedestrian also obey the rule. My opinion makes the signal for pedestrian also. When the green signal (light) turn on for walking, They can cross the road, without confusion, without fear. If anyone, don’t obey the rule, will pay for it (collect fine from them).
It’s very important.

Let’s start begin from the mall. I am talking too much things. I don’t know how much support my opinion?
Yesterday me and my husband went to the mall. It was good on when we entered the mall. After sometimes, we saw on the escalator very dirty. Popcorn, some cheese or something on the floor and it was wet and disgusting. But, the cleaners come and clean it well. But thought, Why no one think about clean our surround? May be You can tell, cleaners are there for cleaning. But think about real way this happens right in your home, you made, or not? I don’t think, you will never make dirty your home. Then why you made in outside of the home. They are cleaners, but they are someone’s mother, someone’s wife, or someone’s daughter. Are you treating your Mother like this? And someone can tell their job is cleaning. But think and change your thought.
Treat your surround or nature always beautiful.


An Unforgettable Journey – Singapore

Hi Singapore,

I miss you in every day…. You make my dream bigger than before. You gave hope and success in my life. I got a good strength after I reached  there.

You are very beautiful and your air gives the best atmosphere in everywhere. I got a good experience and best moments. I never forget you. You are my first and greatest best friend.

You give hope for finding and making best for anything in my life.

You give a good knowledge to select best for my life.

You give safety in everywhere,

You guide me to the right path and make success everywhere.

You know the best for me.

If I never ask you anything, but you are there for me to help.

What a city you are making me proud.

You were my family, when I miss them.

You were a teacher, when I need a guide.

You were a route, where I alone.

You give a long road,

But first I struggle with the path,and slow …

But you came and take me to continue my way,

And you make me successful.

Thanks for you.

I remember you.








5500 Above MSL -Munnar

HI friends,

I forgot to share something about the journey of Munnar. Here I share with you, we found one stone board on the way from Munnar to udumalpet road. It was making us wow… because of that board mentioned, we were standing “5500 above MSL”.


I like to share this in your journey will become great. God is great and his plan for this world is great. He is the good creator. Thank you Lord.

It was a great journey and wonderful moment.

It’s A Long Road

My blog is my best friend when I am alone at anywhere  or when I get free time. Always looking to catch the good blog. Different activities in blogs. But I usually play with my own hobbies like advice, discussion, faithful verse, good moments,etc.

When I click some pictures I usually think, this is better than that. But it never comes again.


Because all pictures have different meaning from different situation. From my childhood, I chose Ooty is the best place for relaxation with my parents. And now also I go to Ooty with my husband. Very good place, from the way Wayanad to Ooty , so wonderful scenic and best climate we can feel. One of my best icons of the journey is Ooty. I can share anything here in my blog. My blog reads my mind and write my mind.

Whenever I go to Ooty I used to go Doddabetta peak ( Mountain in Ooty). Beautiful views there.  Many attract place from Ooty but I like this place very much.

I chose Mysore is the another place for our relaxation.


Very traditional place. Lots of attraction in Mysore. Best attractions are St.philomenas church, Brindavan Gardens, Chamundi Hills, Mysore palace, Mysore Zoo, Srirangapatna, etc…

Wayanad to Mysore journey so beautiful. We traveled from Sulthan Bathery- Muthanga forest-Gundalpet- Mysore. You got another experience is amazing jungle safari. While traveling,  we saw elephants, deer, forest monkey, Bison,Peacock, etc.


Travel is the different experience from our daily life. Daily life we are very tough or busy with our usual things. But the journey begins, we are free and we can enjoy the day with our best one. We can study from the day we begin. And the normal clicks are always beautiful.

Today my blog reads my mind and share it here.





Morning Wishes

Morning is the blessings god gives us.

He will give another chance to win what we are looking for.

He will always give a chance to win

He never needs anything from our hand

But he always needs our wish & praise.

He is the only one give everything without expectation.

Never look back, today is ours, so keep watching

You will get good opportunity.

Pray & do your duties, then all things will happen around you.

Just be careful for your footsteps,

But always remember, your god is in your side. No one can touch you.

Every morning, thanks to god.

Journey never ends.

Be happy, enjoy, and give thanks to god.DSC01594