Bad day goes to a Good day

I thought I lost my strength, But the time he came to transform me, And Guide me to the richest hope. I was all alone the way of my journey, I believe God will show the right help on the way. I walk again with a hopeful heart. I turn the right way because thereContinue reading “Bad day goes to a Good day”

Music can turn into Miracle!

Recently I heard a song It is melodic and touching Music is a therapy for so many treatments. But one music turn into miracle. Miracle means, it’s not only you will get something you waiting for, it also giving hope. Everyone ignored but God give hopes, even there don’t have anything in your hand. LikeContinue reading “Music can turn into Miracle!”

God give another day!

Thank you Lord Give this beautiful day. I open the door and explore outside I heard beautiful sound It says just remember what I promised Believe it, and trust my words, I will make it success. Don’t hear negative comments. Because I already planned your life and don’t worry about people. I will always beContinue reading “God give another day!”

New Year 2021

Happy New Year my dear friends. God bless us and make our heart desires always. Last year we went through so much pressure and struggles and lose. But we reached new year and God give this beautiful year to hope wonderful success and achievement in our life. Where ever we are God given this lifeContinue reading “New Year 2021”

Force it makes you up

When you are feeling quit something, Think about and make stronger character Just face it, whatever the situation coming. I know it’s Too hard, too much pain, maybe we are too tired. Don’t make any excuse. When we feel we failed or tired? Just remember, there have so many people we need to prove wrong.Continue reading “Force it makes you up”

Don’t hurt them back.

If someone hurt you? Don’t take time to talk about them It doesn’t mean you are not angry with them. It doesn’t mean they didn’t hurt you. Stop talking about them. Why you make someone control your feeling or your life? So, ignore and stop talking about them. Move forward.


When you think there haven’t any way to success or hope, God will start from there and give you abundant blessing. Gathsamana God has never been silent when we feel depressed or lost. He always gives the solution. But you should find out the right way by his grace. Maybe you can’t see with yourContinue reading “Miracle”

Silence Speaks!

Your silence makes me to remember your words. Words are attracted to me while you were talking to me. I remember those days you make me smile. And this entire life I happy with those memories. I wish I want to see you again and make days again beautiful. When you hold my hand, youContinue reading “Silence Speaks!”

The Right Decision!

Where ever you are, I am always with you. When you feel you are alone? Just remember that I am here for you. Don’t feel depressed. That’s not relevant for you. Because, you are a hardworking and great person. Life is always teaching new lesson. But you have to think which is right and chooseContinue reading “The Right Decision!”