Liebster Award 🎁🥰🌹


Thank you for nominating me for Liebster Award. I am excited and other hand I wondering why you choose me for this Award Nomination. Am I really qualify for this Award? But I am really appreciate your selection. When I started to follow you Tanya, I felt you are my one of the real friends. (

God bless you. Keep in touch always dear friend Tanya.  Your writing are amazing. All the very best for your future works.

Tanya, Here my answers to your questions.

  1. What is your favorite store to shop?

        If you ask about grocery? Then I would prefer which one is nearby my home. If you ask about bakery, it’s located nearby my home.

2. Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks?

             Most recently I love to have sweet snacks.

3. What did you want to be when you grew up?

                 Great question, it seems to when I was little, my school teacher asked me what I want to be in the future? I said I want to be a Computer Engineer. And I am.

4. What’s your favorite summer memory?

                  Wow, it also seems to When I was little, I went to visit my grandpa home, And I was staying there my whole vacation. And spend time with my Cousins and as well as my Grandparents. Lovely moments. I miss those days.

5. What’s your favorite music?

              It’s really tough to choose only one. Although, I will Prefer recent songs Like

Mary did you know.

“Shoulders” For KING & COUNTRY
Photograph Edsheeran

Heal the World Micheal Jackson

Many of them are my favorite.

6. What are you looking forward to?

                      Happy and Thanks to God always. And Miracles.
7. What’s your favorite hobby?

               Writing blog. And would like to like others blog. And Music

8. Who would you invite over for dinner?

                 My family. I love them a lot. They are, in other countries.

9. What has recently made you laugh?

                    Well, I laughed recently, When I watched the movie Letters to Juliet, There have one scene,  Claire came to looking for her ex boyfriend after 50 years, Then they make a list how many Lorenzo lives at the same place, And they first visit one of the old men Lorenzo, And Claire grandchild asked him what did you do at the 1957 summer afternoon? Then he said he found a beautiful young lady and getting married, After the sentences are so funny, Then he said He curse her eye, teeth, and everything. At last he answered, Why you bring up such a terrible memory again? Hahaha… I laughed a lot. Hope you watched that movie?

10. What life lesson did you recently learn?

                     It’s not learned. But I admire that, If you give real love for someone, And might be they think you always with them. However, That’s true. And When they angry at you, Don’t feel bad. Just give a space and wait for sometime. And they will understand you and also respect you and Love you more than before.

11. Do you like the outdoors or indoors more?

                It depends. Like when I feel to write I really love to go outside. If I would like to study, mostly I prefer Indoor. Both are important, like a both side of the coin.

My nominees list here:

My questions for the nominees:

  1. When would you get a chance to meet someone from your blog family, who is that person and why?
  2. Which book has recently touched your heart or your favorite?
  3. What is the most attractive post you made on your blog?
  4. Who is inspiring your life?
  5. Where is the best place you choose for your vacation?
  6. What you will enjoy doing in your free time?
  7. What is the best thing you would like on my Blog?
  8. What you want me to write any particular topic?
  9. After this pandemic situation, where will you like to travel?
  10. Who is your best friend in your childhood? Why?
  11. Do you prefer laptop or notebook for your writing? Why?

Hope you all are doing well. And thank you all for your great support and amazing comments it’s making me to write more.

God bless you. Be safe. Be happy. 🙂 🥰🌹😊

Children’s Day Message

Children’s day message. 

My childhood experience of “Children’s day” that we celebrate in school and we got Payasam (It’s a Dessert of Kerala). And chocolate. We were singing some beautiful songs and get a good message from our Principle. And teachers were arranged some games. It was a beautiful experience.

We learn Unity and Love others.

That’s right. Unity and Love. Unity starts from Family. First, we need to create a unity at home. Then we can create it from school. Sometimes the Parents don’t support their children’s interests or Hobbies. Parents decide something and the children need to take the decision without their ability or their interest. It’s not a right thing. Give a chance to take a decision own their ability or their interest, then only they love to do their job and they can face every struggle or every success on their way.

When your child grows up and they made their way they will praise you. They will remember your support. I know some parents always say No. Then after they say Yes. But when you say No for everything your child think they are not good enough for anything. You are the only one make their mind complicated and you are the only one makes them shy in everything. Please don’t do it your children. They need time to be successful they need to support their work. Don’t compare with other children. Because they may be successful in their career before your child’s success. But you can’t predict your child’s ability or What God is going to give a miracle. So, Love children and make them encourage. And be good Friends of them. Always take care of them like an angel.

Children’s, Don’t be disappointed, if your parents don’t support you, Be patient, Be kind, Pray for your needs Pray for your parents, Everything will change and they will support you one day. But don’t Give up someone going to say you can’t do that. Just smile and face them. Work Hard, Learn new things, Read More. Only think positive and Always forgive others and Give some time for praying. Be good for others. Respect everyone.

Harbourfront Library Singapore 🙂

Makes Something Meaningful

Once upon a time a girl decides to travel new cities and she needs to learn the different reality in others mind. Her dream her ambition, everything different than from others. But she always make a time for her to understand her surround.

One day she met an 77 year old lady. Her name is Marge. Suddenly she surprised and she realized that same as her grandma. She came and sit in front of her. Then introduce herself and ask about the girl. The girl said her name and introduce about herself also. Within one day they were close each other and knowing that they are good friends and some similarity between them. After one month The girl knows about Marge that she was suffering so much in her life, but she was happy and satisfied her life and also she enjoys with herself with her own hobbies and walking.

She always carries her trolley bag. Sometimes the girl asks her why you carry this trolley bag with you wherever you go?

She said every day she comes out with this trolley bag to buy groceries. But the girl realized that, every day she takes the trolley bag with her, because she is finding new hope and her life want to fulfill with her daily habits. Really Marge is a great woman. The girl is enjoying their relationship. Because the Marge is like her grandma. When her grandma died after that she didn’t meet anyone like her grandma. But when she met Marge, She became her grandma.

It’s so touching and inspiring the girl’s life.