Love From Heaven

My Grandma told me. One day I will achieve my goal.

Then I asked her: Grandma, When I will achieve my dream?

Grandma answered: If you have a patience to wait till god’s timing, you will achieve more than you expected.

I asked her: Any reason behind this?

She answered: Yes, of course. There has a good reason always. God is looking for your work and patience. God knows already about what you are thinking now. So, fully trust in him. Never lose your confident middle of your journey. Always concentrate on what you are doing. Don’t give up.

I told her: I will do my best, Grandma.

Then she blessed me.

You know what? Whenever I talk to her, she makes me to up and build my confidence in high.

She is my best best Friend always.

I miss her a lot. But she is always in my heart. I always remember her smile. Lovely and strong person.

I couldn’t get more time to spend with her. But she gave everything and all guidance to my entire life.

I know she is always with me.

Friendship has no age limit

Friends have No age limit. I have a lot of elder friends. They are very kind and good hearted people.

When I came to Canada, I got good elder friends. And last three months I lost my Two elder friends. It’s really made me feel sad. But in other hand, both of them faced Pain because of cancer.

 They had a good life in their past 80 years and more.

I really thank to God for that gave me an opportunity to meet them. And Thank God we had a great time together. They encourage me and They gave lots of information and Knowledge from their ability. It will always help me to take good decision in Everything in my life. I respect them from the bottom of my heart. They gave me an advice, don’t look at what others say. If someone says good about you, always treat them well. If someone says wrong Just ignore them. Because they never know who you are and they never deserve your love. Because you love them from the bottom of your heart not from your tongue.

I love them always.

Really Praying for their soul. Rest in peace. And pray for their family and friends.

God will take care of them and We all will meet there in Heaven one day.

I can’t forget their happy faces. Love you guys.

Miss you both.

Mother Love :)

Once upon a time, My mother was working in one of the top Insurance agencies, when I was studying 5th standard, I was very happy to tell everyone that my mom working women and well my mom is also a great mother in the Home. She woke up every morning 4.30 and First she went to the living room and sing a praise to God and Pray first, And she went to refresh and make a tea and serve my father. My father always calls my mom once he didn’t get a tea in bed, that time I was thinking why he always call my mom for bed tea? Because she busy with cooking for breakfast, lunch. But she never says anything and serve everyone. I really want to say my mother is a good person. I know every mother like this. But as a daughter of my mom, I want to tell my mother she was nice.

My grandma said once a day, when I was studying in the Nursery, My mom went to Job, but she didn’t tell before she goes, because that was the first day of her job, maybe she thought if  I was crying if she is going to a  job. Then that was the day I woke up early, but my mom already gone for a job. My grandma did everything for me, feed me, she took me to bath,  She played with me. But my grandma said, I didn’t cry or I didn’t even ask where is my mom. She was surprised. But I always look at the clock at the living room in every one hour. Because the clock bird makes a noise in every one hour. And my grandma thinks why I was doing these. After  5.30pm when I have seen my mom walking from the gate, I was very happy and smiled and tried to open the front door, but couldn’t. And when my grandma opens the door, I was suddenly changed my smile and run and hug my mom and my mom also so worried and happy to see me. And I was walking around my mom wherever she goes. Then My mom didn’t go to Job for a few years. When I was studying 5th standard I was telling my mom go mom and do the job. Because she sacrificed her career for me. So, after that I learned to do everything own my way and my mom teach me everything in very young age.  When I came back from school, I make tea for everyone. Sometimes I make snacks. But my grandma always supports me. She is always trying my food. She like my tea.

Every Saturday my mom took me for an  outing. It was a very good time. I can’t forget. We went to an ice cream shop and had our favorite Falooda or Fruit salad. And I was buying good books. My mom also buying good books. Then Saturday night we were watching movie at night. My father always said  Saturday morning to evening, my wife and daughter not at home, they were busy with their world. My mom is my best friend, and my father is my first love.

My father gives a freedom for my mother and me.  He respects my mother. That is the main think I learned from my father. Respect each other.

And I wish my mom Happy mothers day…. God Bless you….

My grandma is no more. But I send my wishes to heaven, Love you grandma…. I miss you a lot.

God never leave you alone

I think nowadays we all are getting each together to understand our purpose. Sometimes I feel how I got you all your attention and your love. But I understand my God purpose in me like to get everyone in one direction. When I start my blog I think it’s only writing something popular. But it’s more than that now. I feel it’s my God’s decision.

I really thank to my loving God ❤️.

We all have different talents, someone can sing someone can write, someone can read, anything… It’s all from heaven our God’s gifts. Be appreciate everyone. And do everything with God’s love and his blessings. It will be double to get a grace from above. We will get a rise. For example if you love to write, do writing and always give thanks to our God. Because today you rise up and you got a chance to write. Not your own ability. It’s always God’s ❤️.

Someone ask me how you believe your God like very much? I have only one answer is God loves me first. When I alone he with me and he says I am with you and you never ashamed. You never fail, you never alone, I am with you. I believe him today and tomorrow. ❤️😇🙏

Someone ask me how to make if someone not trusting God very much?

I have an answer. If you are the person not trusting very much, I am telling you, first you go to your room, close your door, take Bible, open it, read it loudly, I will give some verses just read it every morning and evening, Deuteronomy chapter 28: 2- 13 . Listen, it’s God’s promises. Not a human. Read carefully, trust those words, and faith you will get. God will be with you. If you feel bad ask him what to do, you will get an answer from Lord. He will surely help you. Someone said to you I don’t need you. But God always know you and he need you everyday. So practice every day how to go with him. God will guide you. Don’t worry about other says, God is with you. You will win.

Every night you sleep and you don’t know about tomorrow is there or not. But God knows everything. He never fail you. Just imagine Trust and hope is the two hands of your body. It’s always make you powerful in total your body.

Thank you Jesus 🙏 Amen.

You Never be Ashamed

Sometimes Life teaches us unexpected things, we never expected before. Suddenly we know that is the life lesson how to overcome pain. We have always been the safest place. But where we faced before some struggles or life lessons, we never go through again.

We love someone deeply, But don’t expect their love back. Because, the Love of God, That always, we need to share with others. But don’t expect back. Real love from heaven.

When I born, God decides everything in my life. He created me, So no one can stop me. God is the only hope and faith. He is the only one love every time, every day. So, I learn from God that,  this world with God and make a world change with my example. God love this world. Sometimes we were feeling tired or feel bad, No one is there for you to share your thoughts. But You look at God face and you never be ashamed. He will give a good support and Good one for you. So, Keep your faith in God, and make your mind always love and peace.

never be ashamed_Fotor

Missing in Heaven

Someone missing in Heaven

I know you both are in Heaven,

I miss you both how much I don’t know,

I didn’t remember your face to think and love.

But I love you whole my heart.

I want to thank you always gave this life

And Give me the hope and blessings always.

I know you are with me in my blood and my heartbeat.

Thank you my dears.

Thanks to give me your whole family for me,

And they are care me as their own child,

They always love me

Thank you  Lord for the family.


Earth Day : Save the Planet

April 22 Earth day

The earth is so special only for us, This is our Home.

But Nowadays we forget about the safety of earth.

We are living Home and We know about only our residence as particular cities, that means we called the name and we make the division of places and we divide all around here.

The Earth is so special in the way of we lived.

The Earth is so special. That’s right.

God said, In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And God saw that the light was good. And God separated the light from the darkness.  The God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning.

The god called the dry land earth, and the gathering of the waters He called seas; and God saw that it was good.

And He gives all other needs for our earth. And After He send His son to this Earth.

He give all the good things here on Earth.

Please make sure how you treat your earth now.

This is the only place God gives the and life




Little Child & Jesus (Part 1)

In this current situation we are running to save our family or our needs ,

Sometimes we  struggled with our life situation. But don’t fail. And we should not fail. All are equal in God’s eye. God doesn’t look anyone status, anyone cash or their profession. He looks into our hearts.  He need his presence in our heart. He looks into our hearts that we hold his cross in there.

I heard one story from my grandmother.  One day Jesus and little child play. She always wakes up and get ready to play with Jesus. One day Jesus said to little child. If Jesus goes to somewhere for a few days you remember me? She said yeah, I will remember you. Then Jesus asks her I will go for a year you remember me? Yes, I remember you. Then Jesus ask her if I go for a while, you remember me? She suddenly stops her play and ask him where are you going for a while without me?

Jesus said I want to leave from here for a while for a reason. That’s my God Purpose. But I will come back soon and take you with me. She started to cry and ask him, please take me with me. I want to come with you. But he said no, I can’t take you now. But you can carry my cross with me, are you ready to take. She said yeah, I am ready to take you. Then suddenly he moved from there, she can’t say anything, but she started to cry. Suddenly her mother come and take her, what happened sweety? Why you are crying. Mom, I play with Jesus everyday. But suddenly today what happened to him, he said he will come back soon. But why he sudden move from here. He didn’t say bye. Why Mom. She just ask what, you play with Jesus every day? What are you saying? How many days you play with Jesus? I play with Jesus almost one month. Mom said Dear, You don’t know he is not here. He is in Heaven.

But little child said , No Mom, he is here with me. He will come back soon to take me with him. Mom said ok, he will come back soon. You must wait for him. She said of course mom, I will.

But Next day she wakes up and get ready to go to play with Jesus. She just sees everywhere, where is Jesus? She started to cry and ask where are you Jesus? I don’t have any friend  here. Please Come back. Suddenly she heard his sound from her backside. But she didn’t see him. She asks him where are you? I want to see you. Jesus said, I will be with you always. You are my precious one. You don’t cry anymore. If you feel you are alone or you don’t have friends, Come to me, I am with you and I will guide you. But how I come Jesus, She asks him, Jesus said you believe me? You trust me? You are taking me as your father? She said yes I am. Then he gives his cross and holy spirit to her heart . She feels I am strong, I am well enough. Jesus said I am going right now, but I will be with you always. You have my blessings with you. Keep going child. But don’t forget to pray every day. Prayer is the key to open  the closed door. You can ask I will give to you. So you pray and I will open the door for you. Sometimes you feel tired or struggled, you feel you are alone. But remember my words in Bible. What you want in all your times, I will give you the message in the Bible. Read and trust me. I will give you all need.

Little child believes Jesus , and She always obey him.


Pray For Rain

Dear Lord,

I just sit near to you and ask you for a Rain will come to earth and please make cool this earth and fill the river and Well full of water. And give your blessings and fill our heart full of joy.

Dear Lord, you said when we need rain, just pray with your heart.

Bible verse of Job 5:10

“He gives rain on the earth And sends water on the fields.”

And I came to ask you for the rain. I know you will give your blessings.

Today, we ask you for the rain. I know you will give rain on the time.

You said that you will give the rain for our land in its season,

So, this is the time we ask you for a rain. Blessings are on your side and make better rain. We are waiting for your blessings. Dear Lord, bless us with your heart and clean our hearts and give a faith and blessings for us.

In Jesus name we ask…




All Stars of light Praise Him…

Look up into the heaven, who created all the stars.

Night Sky decorated with a light of a star.

All stars of light Praise Him,  Who created all the stars.

He counts the number of the stars;

He gives names to all of them.

He made all the star.

He guides them and

Let them be signs to mark the season.

Lights in the sky to light the earth.

A lamp shining in a dark place.

The sun to rule the day,

His faithful love endures forever.

And the moon and stars to rule the night.

His faithful love endures forever.

Look up into the heaven, who created all the stars.

Bible verse: Psalm 148:2-4, Psalm 147:3-5, Genesis 1:14-18,

Psalm 136:6-9