God is on your side.

                    Watch your tongue and keep your mouth shut, and you will stay out of trouble.
It is always helpful for good talk. Sometimes your tongue is very dangerous,

So, please understand your tongue very well. Don’t talk to anyone in every situation.
Where the good situation begins, then only you can speak with your tongue. Otherwise you won’t.
But no one is accepting your talent, you won’t answer them. They won’t understand your talent. So regret their words from your mind. Then take god’s word & go with him. He is the only one can help you in every situation. Please mind your thoughts.
Psalm 27:10
Though my father and mother forsake me,
the LORD will receive me.
Romans 8:31
What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?
Don’t go without Jesus. He is always with you. Come close to God, and God will come close to you. Take him everywhere. With him all things are possible.

Be Curious, Not Judgemental

                                   Nowadays our lives going very fast. No family wants to teach their children properly. If someone goes to change their rules with their own decision. Someone not remake the rules without their belief.
Who teaches their children like as a good friend. They can understand their children naturally. But who doesn’t want to care their children like as a friend, they can’t understand their children. That’s the way, no children can understand their parents also.
                                  When they look their parents, they are a stranger in child heart. You can’t compare your child to their brother. No benefit you can see there, only you can see tears down your child, and it’s made them feel like they are not good enough. Treat your each child as an individual.
Don’t say why you are not studying well like your brother. “ Do say what you want to be in the future? Pray & study for what you like most.” Each of your children is unique.
                                  All children can’t be an engineer, doctor & you’re like. They have different talent. So, what your child wants to be … help to make them like their own decision for career. Support your child always.
Don’t tell your child- I don’t think you can do it.
The bible said: fathers, do not provoke your children, Lest they become discouraged.
Be merciful…..
Don’t make unreasonable demands
To train to discipline in righteousness.

Build God’s tent in your Heart

Jesus is my savior
Jesus is my strength
He is the key to my heart
There, have I seen his face

Love is real love is kind
Love is patience love is my god
I have never ever seen anyone like you
You are my savior all my life

Just be careful because we are here
When we are in his place
We are a free bird of there
Because he planned everything in everywhere

When no one help you
He will always touch with you
He is the only one solution
He is the owner of my life

He is here for my needs
He is always being here
Jesus is my good shepherd
He is caring me everywhere
I love my Jesus forever

Message for The Day

Serve the country, not one word, not only in one day. Always save the country. Keep our country safe. That’s our duty.
Today we are celebrating our 69th independence day of India. I felt today clean everywhere, every corner. Today we spend more time to cleaning our home & land. This was a very good experience. All my family spends time to clean the home & place.

Clean our heart always when we go to sleep. Don’t be angry with someone. The Bible said how we start today & end today. Follow your steps with daily useful verses for coming the day. Then God will always with you. This is my today message for everyone.
Be a good person, Be a good teacher, Be a good adviser, Be a strong person, Be a peaceful person. After that all good things will follow you. That will take you up.

Ephesians 4:26
“In your anger do not sin”Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry,

No flower without bud.

Traffic rules are changing every day. If there have a lot of traffic cameras. But it’s only focused on the town or expensive cities. Why no traffic signals & cameras want’s to focus in village area.
We know about our child. Child always looking & learning from their parents & their playing school. The first step they are learning from their parents. That means we need cameras in village area & also please make them understand & please give advice village people. We have to start from the village. Because where have villages, there have a lot of big cities in the world
. Villages are the most first place to make good business man & good people in our world.
So, make our village people as good thinkers & also support their needs.
We need village & cities together. 

We can’t reject anyone from our hearts

Really, I want to thank someone there for every need. When I eject someone from my heart, sometimes they are always being there for me. Why?

I recognize why this happens.
We are Christians, so we can’t reject anyone from our hearts. God always said please love your enemies also. So, when I read that verses from the bible I realized that’s very true. I can’t reject anyone, even they are my enemies. Because, I am a child of my Jesus.

I found that anyone rejects me, I won’t force to make love. We can’t force anyone. One day all people can come to this thought. God always for us. God always makes a good way for us. But, who is waiting for god’s timing, they will find the best way for their live long life.
I like my church father & family a lot. Because they are like my parents. My mom & papa is in another place. So, I can’t see them every day. But I can feel them every day. Sometimes God makes someone like as our father & mother. So, I felt like my father & mother always being there for me, if I am in anywhere.
Love is always there for us.God always there for us. So, love never ends. Love always coming to us like Jesus. So, choose the god’s love always.

You need to accept yourself

“One minute”
It’s going to few minutes. Because one minute is shorter than a few minutes.
Sometimes it will be taking all ways. Sometime it won’t take. My family is always supporting me for taking good decision & my career. But my mom said, we are supporting all your interest except your family life. Because now you are not alone. You have your husband. So taking your journey with your husband. No one comes to change that rule. Before your marriage you were asking all questions with us (mom& dad).
But now you realized you have a family right now. That you & your husband. So you got a good companion, good life partner, I hope you will be alright, my mom said.
“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” Ephesians 5:31
My mom, she is my good teacher, good story teller, good friend.
Life is always going well, so choosing the right opportunity; my mom said this by Bible verses.
“And teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:20
Please make your relationship with god. Because, God always makes us better than others.
So, don’t care there have anyone hurt you, anyone avoids you, anyone block you.
Jesus can open the door. He will always make a door open. But you must pray with your faithful heart.

Hear Your Voice

Hear your voice
When we had no way
Both will be in the good way
Don’t have to challenge your life

Life becomes more comfortable
God saves your life
Change your mind
Don’t have to go without him

My legs are painful
My health is weak
But I find the way
Then I will go with his way

Don’t think after you lose
The decision is made better way
The decision comes with god
God is always making perfect

You must be careful
God always looks at you
Take a good choice
Don’t hurt anything
Always pray with honesty

Make Your Mark in where you are

When I look to the road, I have seen the new face of life.
This is not my place.
Where I am from, our culture is entirely different from here. We are very friendly, we are very honest.
Someone looks to us like a stranger, even they are family also.
We can’t change anyone mind, but one day God will change their mind. They should need to change their mind for long life.
But why these people are like that. I got the point of view. Look at the tree… branches on a tree, they grow in different direction, but their roots remain as one.
But there tree mentioned their roots remain as one. That means, don’t think you are better than others. All people have different talent, different duties. So, never say to anyone don’t grow up than others. God always makes us for growing with his gift of talent. God always makes us perfect. So keep going with god’s grace. Always thanks to God. He is the only one supports for our talent & our best decision. It is coming from God.
from God.from God.

Holding Hands

Something good something new

When i have seen the place.

I want to hold your hands

When like to go anywhere,

I want to hold your hands.

Something new something old,

Some people came to take something

Sun rise came Moonlight has gone,

All people are busy where.

Moonlight is come Sun rise is going

All people going to rest.

But one man still is there for you

He paid for everything

We need to spend time with him

We want to hold his hands

We can’t go without him

With him all things are possible

We have to go with his way

He will take up to way

He will make all things happen.