Future Dreams!

Compelling future is helping you create your Goal.

The future, it’s all in you.

Be ready to catch up your day.

Drive to achieve your goal.

Always looking forward to the best

Remember always My best is yet to come!

Picture: Canada

The Right Decision!

Where ever you are, I am always with you.

When you feel you are alone?

Just remember that I am here for you.

Don’t feel depressed.

That’s not relevant for you.

Because, you are a hardworking and great person.

Life is always teaching new lesson.

But you have to think which is right and choose the best.

Never make same mistakes again and again.

Always remember I am here for you.

God always protects from evil.

Thanks to him and take your best decision.

Picture: Lake in Michigan, USA. ( Credit: Larry! One of my friends)

But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.

2 Thessalonians 3:3

The Bible

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3: 5-6

The Bible

Story from memories!

I walk up with a new hope and good habits. Yes, one of my good habit always that I Pray every day. And Next is my Coffee. I am a Coffee Lover. Today also same, I walk up and open my door, just look around, And I heard a water flowing sound from Uncle’s room. Of course, he is a morning Person. He woke up already. Suddenly I run to the kitchen and I make a Coffee for Uncle and me.

And when I open the fridge door, Uncle was there.  Wish each other a good morning. And after that we read Newspaper and having coffee in the dining room. Today It’s a bright day.

And, my Niece Isobel has already woken up. She is coming and say good morning and she just goes and sitting in the living room and turn on the television and watching her favorite shows, sometime it’s Arthur or My little Pony or SpongeBob. Don’t think she is only watching this kind of programs. She is a great girl I have ever seen, she is watching national geography, and world exploring channels. And also, she is a Good artist. She draws great pictures. Such a lovely girl. Always smile. I never feel she is my niece. I always feel she is my 11 year’s old Younger sister.

At the same time Uncle went to take some cup of milk for Isobel. After a few minutes later, when we have done our paper reading, we started to prepare our breakfast and have it before 8.30 am.  Aunt is a very good cook. She makes different kinds of foods. Everything is delicious.

Sometimes, my nephews coming uncle’s home, when they both are here, Isobel is so happy. Well My nephews, are Alex & Avery. They both are very busy kids. They don’t like to waste their time. They both are respect each other. Playing games together. And also, like siblings they will fight and they will be together within seconds. I felt sometimes, Me and my sister was like this when we were kids. When Isobel is here, they enjoy their day.

We always Pray for a better future. 🙂 ❤

Everything Will be Alright

I chose the interesting way for my future decision,

Where the place can live without someone,

I realized any place can live with our hope and believe.

The God shows the way of my future.

But most of the day sitting alone in the room

And searching top to the bottom of my heart

Really the way is God chose and give the best answer.

When you feel you are alone here, no one can give a priority,

Keep your mind and teach them, one day all one go through this way,

And they can understand your feeling.

But you will be okay, because you learned more than others .

When you feel alone, you can fight the situation,

And you will win all the situation.

Never compare your life with someone’s life.

You are different than others.

That’s why God made you different .

Be strong in your heart or make your heart strong in every situation.

Everything will be alright.

everything will be alright

Difficult Road Lead to Great Destination

Life always teaches different lessons,

Some of them get their result early,

And some of them waiting for their results,

Some of them still didn’t realize what next,

But the result all one get equal opportunity.

Sometimes need, more time to achieve,

I felt this, our life journey like a road travel.

Someone tries to catch their way shortest road,

Someone tries to catch their way long road,

But don’t worry about your time how long it will take,

Someone thinks I am reaching first because they get shortest road.

Someone thinks I am late because of my road was long .

But you feel you are still on the road to find your way,

Don’t worry, You will be the great decision and you are the most experienced person .

Because you found your way a long road, you got so much experience

As good or bad, You can understand what is good and what is bad,

You can achieve the best in your future.

You can identify which one and who is the best in your future.

Don’t think you are alone or you are the person still running to achieve your dream.

One day you will be in the greatest place and guide so much.

Because no one is there against you in the future.

God always with you. He is the only one with you in your struggle,On your way.

If someone tried to joke about  you,

Pray for them, And bless them.

You will achieve your dream soon and you will win.

Remember your heart always positive.

Sometimes we were not getting a time for talking with friends,

But where is your result and where is your dream make always perfect.

Good friends always there for you after your achievement and they will greet you in greatest word.

Don’t think too much, You will win always.

Because God is always with us.


100th Blog Post :) Thank you

This is my 100th Blog post in WordPress. So,today  I am sharing  to Thanks to all my followers. And WordPress .

I started from Nov 14 2014. So, I was traveling 3 years and 4 months. I just want to travel a long. So, I decide to write more topics and interested subjects. Please Give a valuable advice from you.

“Thanks be to come from your heart

Not in your mood,

Some people expect your thanks

Who is thanks for everything on every time,

They will always remembered all other hearts.

Don’t expect a welcome from others,

Only your heart says to thanks to others.

Always thanks to God”.

So, I thank you all for follow me or like my blog or you visit my blog.

Love you all.

God bless you.



The Girl in the New City

City girl full HD modern wallpaper 22820140827228_Fotor

A girl in the city

She was new to that city,

But happy and safe in that city.

The road takes her to the right path.

Never alone and never sad.


Her  trust in God to help her in any situations.

God made her powerful and strong mind.

So, she never loses anything.

She was happy and satisfied with her blessings.


After the examination, she was deserving it.

So many people were trying to block her way,

Before she came here.

But God makes her way perfect and straight.


She understood her decision came from above,

And he has helped her to choose best forever.

Thanks for him always.