Hi Dear all followers, you are my followers but you all are my friends. You all were making me to take a decision that I should write again and again. Your comments your likes everything making me happy and I feel I am not alone in this world. God created us, and God guide usContinue reading “200 Followers 🙏”

Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing…

Trust can make you rich, The “Gods will” that makes you rich and proud. God opens the door for you. Your hand will go to take righteous. Don’t stop doing good things to others. If you give best to others, that will come back in your life unexpected way. 1 peter -3:9 Do not repayContinue reading “Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing…”

Where there is a will, there is a way

Dear brother, you are on the best path, Right now you take this turn for your right decision. I believe that you will be successful. Don’t worry, you are alone now and no one support for you. There is the best friend with you always. He will guide you and bless you. Life teaches youContinue reading “Where there is a will, there is a way”

Voice of prayer

Dark with low voice and Light with high voice what is this mean?         I just share here about the different voices. You pray to God in your bedroom in the dark and his voice is mute. Light with high voice means that is about your voice is high and you prayed to God inContinue reading “Voice of prayer”

Daily Prayer

GOD today I am coming to pray for my family, Bless them with your rich heart, Bless them and give you peace for everyone. Bless me Lord and make me a blessing to others. Give us your love and care always, God, we believe in you and you never make us ashamed. You will beContinue reading “Daily Prayer”

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com

Today I am very happy to say I am the partner of WordPress  and I am celebrating with them it’s my 4 years I am completed. Thank you WordPress. And thank you all my Dear friends, you were with me and encourage me to write a better blog. And I need your all support andContinue reading “Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com”

Missing in Heaven

Someone missing in Heaven I know you both are in Heaven, I miss you both how much I don’t know, I didn’t remember your face to think and love. But I love you whole my heart. I want to thank you always gave this life And Give me the hope and blessings always. I knowContinue reading “Missing in Heaven”

How to change mood from sad to happy

Smile is the great achievement. The smile always important. Nowadays our situation has changed a lot. We live with the struggles in the Family, Financially, Work and etc. But we learn and know how to adjust to living. But we forget to smile. Just ask yourself, If someone gives a smile, You give back theContinue reading “How to change mood from sad to happy”

Everything Will be Alright

I chose the interesting way for my future decision, Where the place can live without someone, I realized any place can live with our hope and believe. The God shows the way of my future. But most of the day sitting alone in the room And searching top to the bottom of my heart ReallyContinue reading “Everything Will be Alright”