Life Is Short

If you want to say something to someone say it now.

Don’t wait too long.

You think how will I say this? If I say, what others will think?

I believe, say it now.

Because otherwise it will be too late or you will lose the best thing in your life.

If you want to say Sorry to someone, say it now.

If you love your partner, say it now.

Because today is the right time.

Because tomorrow is not arrived yet.

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring. Proverbs: 27:1

The Bible
Picture: Niagara-On-The-Lake Ontario, Canada

Going Forward to Unknown place and Discover the journey Begins Here…


A long forest safari Mudumalai- Theppakkadu- Bandipur- Muthanga forest. We went Ooty a few months back. The way of Ooty is very good experience. We were in Ooty 2 days. We didn’t plan where we want to go. Just natural ride or like our hometown sightseeing. We felt like home. It was December, Ooty second season. Good climate. And we had so much fun. We were walking around. We went to church. It was very fabulous.

After 2 days we were getting out Ooty, but our mind block there for a while. And the way out of Ooty is unimaginable or unforgettable trip.


First time we were choosing that way to native. Three state forests, we covered. Mudumalai and Theppakkad forest from near Nilgiri (Tamilnadu), Bandipur forest from Karnataka, Muthanga from Wayanad (Kerala).

We were getting out Ooty by 7.00 am. And took breakfast from Jungle inn. And visited Caffe coffee day very near this restaurant.


After that we start the journey via forest road. You can Watching the wild animals pass by just in front of your eyes.We were looking side of the roads, where are the animals? Suddenly we saw a Bison side of the road. Passing some beautiful nature, and again we saw a few of Vervet Monkeys Sitting behind the road and a few of them sitting center of the road and eating something they like. I saw this kind of monkeys from the Zoo. This is a very different view from the zoo. In the Zoo they are not free. Here in the forest we can see their freedom in their kingdom.


After we reached the Bandipur forest we saw different kinds of deer. And few of them cross the road and a few of them running fast or playing on their ground of forest.


After reaching muthanga forest, we saw the elephant, and someone gets off the car and took the elephant photo.


Why those people were doing this, don’t close their freedom. Sometimes they don’t like our behavior like take photo or our presence. Actually, we were worried about them. So, please don’t get off the vehicle. Don’t disturb them.

Forest for their home.

In thamarasseri ghat road, which give a scenic drive. Unfortunately, we faced block in ghat road.


That time one monkey sitting in the corner of the road and eating an orange slice held in its hand. He watched everyone and someone gives the orange, after full his stomach,  he looks for another orange,


again he got one more orange from someone, he took and he went away from there.

So many views and good moments catch from the trip and we went to the  home.