Future Dreams!

Compelling future is helping you create your Goal.

The future, it’s all in you.

Be ready to catch up your day.

Drive to achieve your goal.

Always looking forward to the best

Remember always My best is yet to come!

Picture: Canada

Don’t Overthink.

Wonderful day it’s made me feel prepare more

I put my fear away, and work on those.

Possibilities today.

Not sure the same opportunity coming tomorrow.

Don’t always blame the situation.

Just honestly looking that experience,

And learn something from that lesson.

Don’t overthink. It’s made you disappoint all the time.

Today is the day for the new start.

Take your next step as soon as possible.

Time is short.

Picture: Botanical Garden Burlington Ontario

How to make your Day and Night Happy…

  • Getting Good sleep:

Eat at least 3 hours before bed

Drink enough water in daytime

Make sure your body got good exercise today.

Take a shower.

Read at least 300 words.

Relax your body.

Pray before you go to bed.

  • Morning wake up with good heart

When you wake up, drink water.

Close your eyes and Pray


Write a journal or make a daily duty and write on paper.

Take a Shower.

When you go out, give a good smile.

Every day spend some time with good people.

Respect others.

Learn New things.

Everything takes a positive way. Ignore negative people or negative things.

Talk to your Loved one.

Take a Walk. Or exercise.

Eat healthy food.

Thanks In Advance

Always try to understand everyone.

Everyone’s story is different, You can’t make their story as yours.

Because your story is different. So, Don’t compare with others.

Think your story and just say to God thanks for your problem is very smaller than others.

Of course, You can handle that your own problem with your god give you the ability.

God knows you well and he will handle all your burdens.

But, Talk to God every day. How to talk to God?

That’s the way is talking to God is Prayer.

Every morning give thanks to him give you the best day. Every night Give thanks to him for to give this day is better than other days and again you are going to rest. So, you should thanks to him because God give you the best rest and he will decide to give new day. Always thanks in advance.

You Never be Ashamed

Sometimes Life teaches us unexpected things, we never expected before. Suddenly we know that is the life lesson how to overcome pain. We have always been the safest place. But where we faced before some struggles or life lessons, we never go through again.

We love someone deeply, But don’t expect their love back. Because, the Love of God, That always, we need to share with others. But don’t expect back. Real love from heaven.

When I born, God decides everything in my life. He created me, So no one can stop me. God is the only hope and faith. He is the only one love every time, every day. So, I learn from God that,  this world with God and make a world change with my example. God love this world. Sometimes we were feeling tired or feel bad, No one is there for you to share your thoughts. But You look at God face and you never be ashamed. He will give a good support and Good one for you. So, Keep your faith in God, and make your mind always love and peace.

never be ashamed_Fotor

Earth Day : Save the Planet

April 22 Earth day

The earth is so special only for us, This is our Home.

But Nowadays we forget about the safety of earth.

We are living Home and We know about only our residence as particular cities, that means we called the name and we make the division of places and we divide all around here.

The Earth is so special in the way of we lived.

The Earth is so special. That’s right.

God said, In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And God saw that the light was good. And God separated the light from the darkness.  The God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning.

The god called the dry land earth, and the gathering of the waters He called seas; and God saw that it was good.

And He gives all other needs for our earth. And After He send His son to this Earth.

He give all the good things here on Earth.

Please make sure how you treat your earth now.

This is the only place God gives the life.earth and life




Morning Message

Wake up, it’s a good morning,

Thanks to God for this new day,

New hopes and New thoughts,

Love your surround  without any expectation,

This is the new beginning, to start your hope,

By God’s grace, it will be successful,

Don’t think too much, Always pray with a clean heart,

No one can judge you, because God will be with you.

Friends can give anything,

 But God can give everything full of hope and bless.

So, Do something good for who needed.

God will count, it’s your blessings.




How to avoid someone or some situation make you disturbed.

Sometimes, we disturbed or feel very lazy.

How to get a solution to avoid that moment and make the time for something better.

1) After wakeup just do breath exercise for getting a whole day refresh.

2) Drinking a glass of water.

3) Take a bath.

4) Think good thoughts, or think about how to make this day beautiful.

5) Pray for the new day and ask the God, please bless me and who I meet this day.

6) Thank to God.

7) If your parents with you just said they, pray for me and smile.

8) If you feel something boring in your work place, hear some good music for relaxation. So many beautiful songs there, and also right now so many good relax music applications.

Music and pray is the best meditation.

And your mind is the best solution.