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The future, it’s all in you.

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Drive to achieve your goal.

Always looking forward to the best

Remember always My best is yet to come!

Picture: Canada

Gift For Special One

Several gifts are there, but I finally found the watch was my gift to my husband. In my way the watch was very beautiful and priceless. Is this expensive or not? That’s not my option. I like the watch and he will.

When you read this, you think what’s the most important in this? What is the point?

Yes, there has a point.

Because we know what the gift want to give and Which is suitable for them.

But just think about your way.

I felt after a long year back, he is expressing with a long smile and trying to hold in his hand and he never misses the gift where ever he goes. And I can also read his mind and what he wants to tell. But he can’t express in one word. He is so excited.

I am not talking about the price of your gift or I am not taking you to focus my gift. I just tell you what I felt and I got.

Think about Which gift is suitable for your one.

Most of them think, if you have a lot of money can buy anything.

But we can’t. That’s not true.

And in our society have different characters. A few days before I seen some post from someone like why we want to wish our loved one in social media?

What is the worthless question? I don’t want to change their mind.

I just want to tell them, If you want to express in those ways you can express. If you don’t like that way, just go away from there. We can’t judge anyone without knowing they feel.

If they want to share their memories in social media, they are using their profile, not yours.

Please don’t judge them.

Because your loved one like anything you gift them with your heart. They don’t ask the price of your gift. They will always tell “why you buy this or make this for me. You are mine, so I know you love.”

So,  don’t think your gift is too small. Because today all one can buy more than this. But, make your gift is priceless for who is achieving your present. And never face like 😦

Give them cute smile 🙂 . They will be happy.