Season Time :)

The last month of the year,
Welcome and give the best this year.
God gave the best gift in this month.
So, we need to enjoy and celebrate this month.

The last month but this is everything begin,
When God gave the only one child this month,
So, this is the best beginning and starts your new journey.
This is your day, God gives thanks to him.

Remember every moment you go through
And remember the persons, where there came to help you.

Don’t forget to say sorry, if someone needs.
Don’t forget to say thanks, if someone help you, where there is no one can.


Daily Prayer

GOD today I am coming to pray for my family,

Bless them with your rich heart,

Bless them and give you peace for everyone.

Bless me Lord and make me a blessing to others.

Give us your love and care always,

God, we believe in you and you never make us ashamed.

You will be there with your righteous right hand,

And give you strength us.

God makes my family always happy and proud,

Guide us in all the situation.

Sometimes, we think a lot about our future,

But you always take our hand and lead us to the right way.

God, we need you, we need your blessings always.

Please Lord, Come and give your blessings always.

Thank you Lord for being with us.

Thank you Lord for your daily blessings.

Stay in our heart and bless us.

Happy Anniversary with

Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 4 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

Today I am very happy to say I am the partner of WordPress  and I am celebrating with them it’s my 4 years I am completed. Thank you WordPress. And thank you all my Dear friends, you were with me and encourage me to write a better blog. And I need your all support and pray my future writing.

Thank you… God bless you all….

Say sorry if you regret someone

Rise up again from the beginning,

Nature opens the new season,

Our way becomes perfect again,

Love the way we are going without a doubt,

Every Corner of the way We see something special,

But enjoy that moment once you get.

Never look at anyone at that moment,

You and your perspective are there for enjoying the moment.

Sometime in our life teaches us everything on one chapter.

Sometimes we need more to learn.

That’s always in your hand, You choose the best thing always.

Depends on your mind, will teach everything.

Your regret someone may be wrong.

That will be really unwanted or painful.

But, if you hurt someone, say sorry.

That will make you once you’re feeling okay with it.

But remember, if you regret someone, then sorry for them,

They need a time to understand why you regret them.

Once they got the point, they will thanks to you.

Because, you always be there in their heart.

Life always teaches us new thing, But Always Love.


Thanksgiving :) Wishes

My dear Friends,

          Today I am sharing about God’s blessings.

How many of them thinking about how God’s blessings come to our life?

If you didn’t think about this, Today is the day to start to think.

God knows you well more than anyone in this world. He knows what you want right now. So, God never need your permission to bless you. He always bless you abundantly. He is the only one love you and bless you without expectation. Just think about everything in your hand, then you realize how you blessed. Because, you have a quality to get these blessings in your life? Just ask yourself.

But, God never asks your permission to bless you and give a blessing on this day. He always cares you.

Because bible said, The blessing of the Lord brings wealth,
    Without painful toil for it.



Daily we will get a good lesson from our experience in our duty.

We just smile to focus on whatever the situations there. Because all are different needs to make our life happy. God gives a life to make always grateful. Sometimes, it doesn’t mean to perfect. But, We are always trying to make the perfect example.

Sometimes, we try to follow something different way. But, Someone doesn’t understand what we are doing. But, If you are doing with God’s word, It will be perfect in his way. Don’t look  to others who are trying to say you cannot do that.

But God can do everything and God can make all things possible from impossible.

Because the Bible says In LUKE 7:14 He said, “Young man, I say to you, get up!” The dead man sat up and began to talk, and Jesus gave him back to his mother.


You Never be Ashamed

Sometimes Life teaches us unexpected things, we never expected before. Suddenly we know that is the life lesson how to overcome pain. We have always been the safest place. But where we faced before some struggles or life lessons, we never go through again.

We love someone deeply, But don’t expect their love back. Because, the Love of God, That always, we need to share with others. But don’t expect back. Real love from heaven.

When I born, God decides everything in my life. He created me, So no one can stop me. God is the only hope and faith. He is the only one love every time, every day. So, I learn from God that,  this world with God and make a world change with my example. God love this world. Sometimes we were feeling tired or feel bad, No one is there for you to share your thoughts. But You look at God face and you never be ashamed. He will give a good support and Good one for you. So, Keep your faith in God, and make your mind always love and peace.

never be ashamed_Fotor

Missing in Heaven

Someone missing in Heaven

I know you both are in Heaven,

I miss you both how much I don’t know,

I didn’t remember your face to think and love.

But I love you whole my heart.

I want to thank you always gave this life

And Give me the hope and blessings always.

I know you are with me in my blood and my heartbeat.

Thank you my dears.

Thanks to give me your whole family for me,

And they are care me as their own child,

They always love me

Thank you  Lord for the family.


How to change mood from sad to happy

Smile is the great achievement. The smile always important. Nowadays our situation has changed a lot.

We live with the struggles in the Family, Financially, Work and etc. But we learn and know how to adjust to living. But we forget to smile. Just ask yourself, If someone gives a smile, You give back the smile or not?

Just forget about the situation you faced and just smile to change your mood.

  • Smile to mirror when you wake up (Because you need to smile on your face make happy with yourself).
  • Walk at least 2 Km in every day. You just walk and give a good smile to others and make them happy also.
  • Go to the best place for spending 30 minutes to find and realize how to achieve the weekly goal.
  • Do what you like, Write, Read, Dancing, Or Gym
  • And at least live alone one day without any friends. Just live one day alone. No calls, Just Go outside and spend some time at the coffee shop and walk and pray.

Because, Our life is a journey, we get good friends, but they don’t be there in your all situations. Someone coming and going. Or when we feel something struggle, no one is there for you. So, we can find the way how to face this situation, when we before tried to live alone. So, that will help for you to strong in your mind whatever the situation coming into your life.



Real Love doesn’t expect anything.

Love  always protects each other

Love chooses them together

And in their mind they should  love each other

Never a disappointment

But they don’t have a time to talk every day

They can’t meet every day,

They can’t spend time together on every day,

But they are in perfect love.

Nobody is like them, nobody can be same as them,

Because they are so different from others.

Why they love each other?

Why they met?

There have so many hidden and open questions,

But their love doesn’t need these questions.

Love doesn’t mean to fight or complain.

It will make them happy always.

Never make them unhappy. Love  always protects each other.

Their love always makes them rich.