Commit your Passion and Reach your Goals.

Find your passion.

You will discover your passion if you know where to find.

But, it’s not easy. You have to put your maximum in finding passion.

Set your goal higher than what you think you can achieve.

You have to take every step for your desired goal.

You are the only one who can find your goal.

Nobody can help you. Only you can.

Don’t give up when there is so much challenges.

So many people discourage you. But don’t give up.

No matter what people say, Be ready to achieve your goal.

Try to find the way for your success.

If you try to help others and inspire others to reach their goals,

That would be helpful for setting your goal higher.

Focus always your goal and stay motivated.

Find what makes you happy.

Believe yourself, and you will achieve your passion.

Jeena George

2 responses to “Commit your Passion and Reach your Goals.”

  1. so true, I came home discouraged one day and the Lord said, ‘do what you feel good’ because He knows spending time with Him is the only Thing that does it.

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    1. Agree. Hope you are happy to read my blog. And I glad to know you had a great experience. God bless you.

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