If I am not for myself, Who is for me?

When we take some decision,

Our family or friends argue with their own belief,

Like, why did you take this decision without asking them?

Or This decision will make you confused.

But, If I am not for myself, Who is for me?

In my life, I experienced the same thing.

When I took some decision, there have so many people to say don’t take this decision your own.

Then I forgot my own decision and I obeyed them, And life went through so many pains,

I only obeyed what they asked me to do,

But, at last my life was a question mark.

Everyone against me, No contacts, No friends, nothing.

Everyone believes them and they ignored me at last.

I was totally alone. I wasted my years.

Now I realized I have to do what I would like.

If it’s failure or success, I am the only one responsible for my own decision.

Jeena George

2 responses to “If I am not for myself, Who is for me?”

  1. shadawss shadawss Avatar
    shadawss shadawss

    At the end we all are alone. We will meet many people. Some of them may give us pain while others have good memories. All these may not be with every time

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly. 👍🏻


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