I can’t imagine, after 7 months I am going to publish my post. Why I was busy for long periods. It’s personal. But I will explain soon. Anyway life is a journey that’s 101 right in my life.

My life is not 💯 % success. But I can say that live my life without anyone except Jesus. Yes, whatever comes in my life Jesus taking care of me. Even my loved once said I can’t accept your decision. They blocked me. They ignored me, But I live this life because God gave this life. This is my 2 nd life after got an accident. Nobody was there in my hard times. Only Jesus care me and love me.

Someone makes my family and friends against me. And he live his life cool. Why I can live my life as my wish .

Great experience! I went for asking help someone they shut the door in front of me. How that feel? I faced it. Because of him.

But I know one day God will open every door and he will give everything I want. That’s my Lord. No one can shut the door always. Because Jesus is there to help your situation and he will show the right way and success. I will rise up!

Amen! Love you Lord