How to be yourself when the problem comes.

When someone behind you what you going to do?

I mean you are going to achieve something. And the person also working the same firm and need to achieve more. May be someone called its competition. Or it’s called a challenge. We called by this different name.

Are you going to give the space for that person or you move faster than him?

I hope everyone wants to go faster. But, imagine, if you are going fast. Sometimes it’s turns good luck for you. But sometimes it’s turns to him. Because, when you tried to do something really fast, but you didn’t concentrate what is the main result your company needs. You just make you proud yourself. But not others. Sometimes, It’s your luck. Then you will achieve promotion or something else.Or else he will achieve everything.

Do it faster. But don’t move from the result what your company needs.

Make it everything properly, but don’t delay with your own problems.

If you want to give good to others, Do it your best. Don’t copy anyone.

Picture: Singapore

19 thoughts on “How to be yourself when the problem comes.

  1. Weary from Revelation and all this heavy thinking and remembering and researching. Going to write a post on my music website. Always good therapy. Much lighter subject. People all over the world in very tough places to live read posts. I will keep going until I can no longer. Chris. Jesus is coming to get us. He is faster than they are. I have a promise too.

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    1. Amazing! I appreciate your time and reading my post on these busy times. And of course, God gives everyone have a duty in this world. So, we have to complete before he comes back. And I really want to learn more Revelation from the Bible. I read it many times. But we need to read more and more. Then only we will get a real meaning and great idea about this.
      Whenever I get time, I will visit your site and take some notes. My mom is very familiar with Revelation. My grandma too. But my mom always says she need to read more. She is learning nowadays too… Very inspiring and blessed we are by God’s grace. Thank you so much for your great support. 😊🙏🌹❤

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