Friendship has no age limit

Friends have No age limit. I have a lot of elder friends. They are very kind and good hearted people.

When I came to Canada, I got good elder friends. And last three months I lost my Two elder friends. It’s really made me feel sad. But in other hand, both of them faced Pain because of cancer.

 They had a good life in their past 80 years and more.

I really thank to God for that gave me an opportunity to meet them. And Thank God we had a great time together. They encourage me and They gave lots of information and Knowledge from their ability. It will always help me to take good decision in Everything in my life. I respect them from the bottom of my heart. They gave me an advice, don’t look at what others say. If someone says good about you, always treat them well. If someone says wrong Just ignore them. Because they never know who you are and they never deserve your love. Because you love them from the bottom of your heart not from your tongue.

I love them always.

Really Praying for their soul. Rest in peace. And pray for their family and friends.

God will take care of them and We all will meet there in Heaven one day.

I can’t forget their happy faces. Love you guys.

Miss you both.

54 thoughts on “Friendship has no age limit

  1. I didn’t dare add a comment…even tho’ I’m approaching that “elder” category. Also, I did not wish to presume anything special or extra…a blogger friend is different than the two close friends that you miss. May the Lord Bless and comfort you! 😀

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      1. Thank you again! Staying home from church ANOTHER SUNDAY! Was advised it would be best to stay away from one church…thought it best to stay away from both! BUMMER! 😀 tHANK YOU FOR BEING MY GOOD FRIEND, TOO! ❤

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  2. Sorry about your loss.
    I believe having friends older than us is a blissful feeling only some people get to experience. I too have a few elder friends and it is an absolute delight, whenever we talk or meet!

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