Where there is a will, there is a way

Dear brother, you are on the best path,

Right now you take this turn for your right decision.

I believe that you will be successful.

Don’t worry, you are alone now and no one support for you.

There is the best friend with you always.

He will guide you and bless you.

Life teaches you the best lesson and he will give an advice,

For who will be with you in your future.

This is the most important life lesson you have  learned now.

So, you won’t fail in your future journey.

God is the only one hope you can trust.

Do good for others, in your life.

Do respect others, and bless to others.

Don’t compare your life with anyone’s.

God created everyone different and special.

So trust him and go with your hope.

God will give you what your need is.

Read his words and go with his word,

Always tie that word in your hand,

So, it will take care of you all day….


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