The Last day of the year 2018

I think about it and I really think about what should I write today?

And I got a subject. Remember.

What is the meaning remembering?

It’s all about the way you went from.

Sometimes it will become easy to understand. But another time it’s very difficult to find the meaning. Because  someone who loved you most they gave the unexpected feel or pain.

And I have to say today, this day is going to end, but also, the year of 2018 going to end in a few hours.

Really just go forward…. Don’t go your past. Past is past, it doesn’t mean don’t look back. You should look back, but don’t be there a while. Just think about your blessings. Don’t count your pain. Think about your blessings that your God gave where ever you failed and you faced struggle. God gave his hand to make your wonderful day and you are staying today and last day of the year 2018.

Thank him again He will guide you the New year. And he will bless you abundantly and he will prosper you in your financial, education, job, life, love, health and wealth.  God can give everything on right time. Believe his love and care. He is truthful, trustful, loveable. That’s why we come and stay today. Just remember your blessings this year 2018 he gave you.

And pray for the New Year 2019 always God will bless us and love us.

Thank god For this great year 2018 you guide me and bless me. And pray for the new Year 2019 will bring your heavenly blessings and your love and your knowledge to me. Thank you Lord.


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