Christmas Message

Jesus said, Don’t think too much and don’t make your heart in trouble. He said, always believe in me and pray. Do you must think from high and he will solve your all problems and your worries.  

Why we always think unwanted thoughts? What is the problem?

Your thoughts are the problem and thoughts is a solution also.

Sometimes we think a lot. That’s not good for your health and your mind. If you are God child, God will carry you. Because Your thoughts from high.

Look at your God. Don’t worry about anything.

That’s why he said, who’s heart is pure and clean, they will see me. So, make your heart always pure.

 So, how to make your heart pure?

You should believe God and his words and make everything right with his word. And make everyone good in your way. Think good always. God already planned your future. So, thanks to him always.

This is my Christmas message for you all… Have a great Christmas and make others happy and bless them well. And you will be blessed.

Thank god.


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