Your Sorrow will Turn Into Joy

We learn something differently where we lost.

We learn something unexpected from whom we love the most.

We learn something new, because where we are right now and 

That will encourage us to make better and confident.

Sometimes that lesson can change your thoughts.

Sometimes that lesson makes you rich.

Sometimes that lesson brings you somewhere you never expect.

That is life and that is the way God create and makes you always special.

Don’t allow any bad thoughts in your mind when you lost.

Don’t allow any negative in your mind when someone tells you never going to make that.

God will be there to help you when you strongly search him and obey him.

God can only give Positive words to you.

Listen him and Go where you want to and make your wish always prosper and better.

All are pointing you that you were wrong.

But, God never.  He will tell you, You are my child.

You are changed now. I will give best opportunity and the door always open.

Give thanks to him. Give everything to him.

He is the only one can love you without expecting.

Your sorrow will turn into joy


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