Rise up again from the beginning,

Nature opens the new season,

Our way becomes perfect again,

Love the way we are going without a doubt,

Every Corner of the way We see something special,

But enjoy that moment once you get.

Never look at anyone at that moment,

You and your perspective are there for enjoying the moment.

Sometime in our life teaches us everything on one chapter.

Sometimes we need more to learn.

That’s always in your hand, You choose the best thing always.

Depends on your mind, will teach everything.

Your regret someone may be wrong.

That will be really unwanted or painful.

But, if you hurt someone, say sorry.

That will make you once you’re feeling okay with it.

But remember, if you regret someone, then sorry for them,

They need a time to understand why you regret them.

Once they got the point, they will thanks to you.

Because, you always be there in their heart.

Life always teaches us new thing, But Always Love.