I miss you when I wake up

I miss you when I walk

I miss you when I read

I miss you when I have a coffee


You are in my eyes and in my tears, I find I lose

Your breath where I miss

Morning I wake up and searched you

But you are not here

Without your presence I am blank

Without your words, my life not full

Without your smile I am incomplete

I can’t hold your hand and I can’t feel your breath now

Where are you hiding?


I can live like this

I can live with your moments

I can live with your words you gave

Where I miss you?


I know it won’t come in this life again

But I thank you for all your words and messages

You gave me a good thoughts and dreams forever

When I lost you?

God knows what is best for us on perfect time.

But I want to say I love you

And I miss you now.

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