Prayer is the success of Miracle,

When it’s beginning,

If you have everything and everyone on your side,

Pray to God,

If you lose your friends or relatives  or anything,

Pray to God,

Don’t say, you are no one in this world,

You are a part of this world and a solution for someone,

Because the God Know from your creation.

He made you and he give you who needed most,

That’s why you are a part of this  family,

Even you were born in a rich family, or someone not much rich family,

Or someone thinks I am Born but I don’t have a family,

Or someone thinks I was born in an orphanage,

Or I was born in anywhere,

But, You will need to realize you are not alone,

All are in this world for particular reasons,

Think about Jesus, he is the Child of God

And Mary gave birth to Jesus, that time Mary and Joseph don’t have a room.

He has just been born in a stable.

But God makes him rich in his heart and he realized he was the son of God,

And we all are God’s child, But, we need to obey and

We need to trust him in all your times,

Don’t question don’t think bad about you,

Because you can only do the good things in this world,

And you will win.

If you are not born in a rich family,

That’s not an issue, You must satisfy your life what you have already,

If you don’t have any relatives, God will make you someone for who need you most,

Don’t think you are the only one like this,

Don’t think you are the losers in your life or work,

Every time you need to be satisfied with your life,

At least, You have a home, but someone in the street doesn’t have a house and living in a tent or something,

At least you have family, but there have someone don’t have a family,

So, who needs care or support just give them what they need,

If you can give one time food, give them,

Or at least your smile will be their satisfaction

Our smile God, creation, Not your own,

So spread your smile.

Bless them, God need this from your side.

Be god’s child always, God has a plan for you.

God can help you.

I saw so many people on the street and ask us to give something

Food, money, shelter fee,

We can’t help all one at a time,

But, Give them if you have an ability today, How much you can give, give.

Sometimes it is very little amount, but that’s very huge for them.

When your faith in God, He will make you win or success.

Today you think, you can’t do this or you are not fit for or selected

But In your faith in God, Will soon you will achieve your aim

You will be satisfied with your life.

But God wants from you faith and Kindness.

Find your  way there has so much way.