Windows are open,

Cool air on inside the room,

Suddenly the cloud around the sky,

And within minutes the drizzle rain come to touch my cheek

It’s cool, but something special,

The Holy week going to end,

It’s raining came to tell me something,

What I did this holy week,

I wasn’t wrong to anyone,

I ask, God, What you want to say?

Suddenly the nature came again cloudy,

And I was taking a coffee and sitting the corner bench,

Then I felt the sound came near to me,

And the sound said about this is the day to remember you,

And share you how much I love you,

No one knows how much I love you,

Someone or your relatives or others who were joking about you,

Never, ever you won’t revenge for them,

Because you like my words and you are always trying to go that way,

But I told you, dear, that, one day you will win this world by God’s grace.

Because Jesus won this world already for you,

He is the redeemer, he is the soldier, he is always the winner,

He is the one solution to all your needs.

Be honest and pray, You will get a reply from God.

Happy Easter all my dear friends and family.