This is the day to enjoy drizzling rain,

I was taking a cup of coffee, and sit my bedside

Turn on the curtain and light lamp

It’s a dark in outside

Rain in outside and inside some nature feeling,

When it’s going to river, and when it’s clean the sky

Past moments come into my mind,

My school days, we usually walk with umbrella,

Almost look at the sky, some drops were touching my hair,

The raindrops were touching my feet and shoe,

After the school time I enjoyed the drizzling rain,

Never focused on the dress was wet,

Because I only enjoyed the rain

When reached near my home,

 It smells like hot oil with some homemade cookies,

My mother bakes some cookies for us.

After a refresh, waiting for tea and snack by mom,

And sitting near the window side and taste the cup of tea

And having a snack and talking with mom,

When we have tea, my mom also looks into the sky,

And she remembers her childhood with her parents,

She said who enjoyed this moment in one time in their life,

They will never be wrong in their life,

Because they know the feeling of nature.

Nature is calm and beautiful,

Make sure a little time for spending with nature.