Words in Christmas card meaningful….

I opened my old suitcase for to get my old memories.

I found there a bundle of greeting cards.

I am very excited to open them, and I read it carefully.

Look there for an hour.

It’s not broken, but the ink was a little bit older.

But I try to rewrite the words well.

Now I can read them with those memories.

I realize, all our memories will stand in our heart, if someone’s gift us, we can’t find the words happy. But after a long years  when we open that, we can find the happy words.

I got one Christmas card, it’s a very small one, but I read that card and that card from my school friend.  She was my best friend from my school time. I find her words and her love.

So many Christmas cards in my suitcase. But I found her card and her love. Right now I am very far from her. But I can read her words when I miss her.





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