Great and unsearchable Christmas gift from above

Dreams are coming to touch

I forget to catch those moments

But, it’s coming to catch me right there.

It’s Christmas night with snow around


Snowman was with me and playing with snow

He is walking with me and talking,

I am going to my home with snow man.

He is coming to my home

And he makes cookies and arrange Christmas tree


I was thinking I am dreaming

But I can touch his white snow hand

He asked me why you don’t believe me?

I am your friend, but you don’t know,

You called me for this Christmas is alive.


I just tell him, I am sorry, I know you.

But he smiled and start to decorate the tree.

When I open my room, I found one letter on my bed.

I can’t understand when I write this letter to him

I have never seen him, but how it’s letter coming.


He asked me to come out my room

I just open door and look around

Wow… I express  it, and he smiled

It is awesome and blessed.

What a beautiful house I have,

He takes me out of my house,

And I saw my house different than before

What he did? I quietly asked him.

I didn’t do anything,

You asked me, and now it’s for you.


Don’t think too much and don’t disturb you,

Go and sleep tight,

Always I am staying with you.

And before I go to bed, he gives one word.

New morning, I wake up

And I opened the door,

My husband wished me good morning.

And asked him where is snowman?

He said no one is here, what are you talking about?

We search everywhere where is he.

Suddenly I got one word from yesterday

That is from the Bible, Jeremiah 33:3

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

And I told him about yesterday,

We praise the mighty god for coming to us.

Thank you lord blessing us.




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