Christmas is Coming….

My favorite and celebrate time is “the Christmas season”. December 1st to January 6th My heart flow with snows in winter. We are celebrating Christmas and also we decorate  our house and place colorful.


My Christmas is always special. In my childhood first our mind goes to Church Sunday school. December 1st week we all get different selective bible verses about Christmas. Our church teachers were helping us to find these things. And also they make 10 or 11 groups and each group want to sing a song for Christmas. Beautiful songs they choose for us. And before 25th December Sunday school Christmas we celebrate. Usually 23rd December they choose for this.

December 1st morning very different feeling. Fresh air, snow, and morning and evening play Christmas songs in our house. We get good fresh air and positive mind around. That time I think always I need Christmas.

The Whole world is celebrating Christmas. I like always western countries Christmas celebration. Because wherever we go, we can see the Christmas decorations and we can hear the Christmas songs.

In the Indian market, we can find so much colorful decorations like Christmas stars, Christmas tree, lights, Christmas songs CD, Santa clause, Christmas cake and different variety. Christmas snacks.

In my childhood me and my papa went market and buy so much different decorations, and new stars, lights, and lots of balloon and cake, chocolate. Before Christmas we went to buy new dresses. That was awesome.

And right now also no changes. Only one change we are not in the past, we are at present and always celebrating Christmas is special way.

When I was in Singapore, I had a different feel. Whole Singapore decorate with red, green, gold, white and looking grateful. Roadside trees and all shops are colorful, all the malls they are decorated so many new items. Wherever we go,  I can hear a good flow of Christmas songs. All the churches were beautiful. Night time whole Singapore in the light world. I was enjoying so much.

I can’t say about Christmas in short words. It is so beautiful and fantastic time.

Christmas Always gives hope and blessings.


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