The Magic Words

How good and pleasant it is
When God’s people live together in unity!

Day by day I watch my books are in the same shelter,

They have words, they have a different attitude,

But they were living in the same tent and just be fun.

Sometime I watch they were moving from back,

Sometimes they were control me to take and read.

They were coming with us without asking where we are heading

They were reading our minds and come to hand best time

Help us from strange people when travel with.

One day I was alone, and when I take all the book

They were listening to my inner voice and response.

Suddenly one book come to my hand and make my mind refresh.

The words give me a good advice.

Right now people can’t live same shelter, people don’t try to understand each other, people will not support anyone, all are strange for everyone in every time. No one have a good time to give an advice for loved one.

Books are always giving best example for how to live.

Different authors different subjects they are different always

But living in the same shelter.


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