Stand for what is Right

The Government did the best way to find or remove black money. But few of them supported, few of them not. Please think about who is not supporting Government decision. If, the Government is taking decision after asking your permission, it is not possible or it can’t success remove black money. I am not an individual politician, I don’t have a political view. I am just a person living in this country and supported good movement. The Government takes some decision after asking you. But these kind of decision will take sudden, and they will be giving a good solution shortly.

First, we want to cooperate with Government policies. This is not for individual party decision. If it is taking a decision from other parties also we want to cooperate with them for if we are looking for good development for our country. Allow them to make their best decisions. Our prime minister is the head of government.  Don’t look him like an individual view, or individual party. Don’t look like a stranger for these decisions. Black money we can’t allow in our India.

Most of the news conducting a survey against this decision. So many youngsters tell they are very upset with this decision. Just think, you have a bank account, and now the time most of them use Netbanking, debit card, credit card and other service.

Most of them have smartphone right now. But they don’t know what is the main purpose of a smartphone. They can chatting, but they don’t know how to make useful for smartphone. Kerala is a 100% education qualified state. Then why we can’t take Government decision.

India is a developing country. So, wake up and do developing on your side. Someone used to travel by bus, or train usually. Then always bus conductor tells please give change if you can. Few of them give 100 or more. So, the conductor can easily give change. But, what was happening yesterday, all was going to give 500. Then how can conductor can give changes? Someone wants to go by train, if your journey urgent just ask your neighbor or friends, they will help you, If your need is urgent.

Anything heard, you are not waiting for anything. All are going without knowing well. If one day you are like this, how can develop your country?

You need everything, but you can’t make a good decision. Development you need, but you can’t sacrifice.




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