Short But High

God makes someone as our father when we stay far away from our father presence. When we missed our father, when we want our father near to us, they will be as our father. We know no one can replace a father, but we can feel them like as a father. Because they will be a good listener, good laugh maker, good teacher, so, I feel I have a father here. Today he came to our house and he made this day super. I felt my father is here with me. Suddenly my father called and talking with him, they also like each other very much. He also said same as I thought.

Very short but very long.  I think a daughter can know & feel a lot about her father than a son.

After daughter married, she lives in husband home. Then she can only realize how much her father loves her, how much we miss our father right now. Then any vacation or any occasion we will be at home.  So much love and news we can share each other. We can’t sleep that day. We will used to talk after 4.00 am. This is real. Because me and my parents are same like this. One day my mother used to talk continuously, we forgets sleep and after 4.00am she was cooking breakfast “Appam and stew curry”, and we had breakfast at 6.00 am.



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