Good verse Inspire us,and it will make happy.

One of the Lost moment is someone used us for their needs, but it’s not seem their face, unfortunately we found one day and we can’t express anything to them. Because we liked them as brothers or friend before.

Is this called bad time???

No, because we have good times….

One of my friends share something  like this situation he faced. He doesn’t  have many friends. But he found one or two of them his best brothers. Unfortunately, he found something,  they only needs his help for his work. Sometimes they avoid, sometimes they accept. He doesn’t know what he wants to do? He felt totally neglected.

I just tell him this world is like this. If family or friends, they have expectations.  So, you have your best one so make always smile.

A Smile can change your depression. This world god created. So he knows the reason and your purpose. He will definitely help you and make you better and top in this world. But first believe in yourself. No one can achieve anything without faith. So, trust first, and God will bless you.

God always gives a good verse for your needs. That will help you to think and your way is better.

Thank you ….


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