If you can forgive your enemy, why can’t forgive your family?

Life is going very fast. I just look around, and someone wants to tell me something about their family. But I don’t want to hear their personal matters, because if you have any personal issue in your family, just open your heart for who are waiting for. I hope that’s good. Please solve your family issues in your home. If you want to forgive anyone, don’t wait, just go and forgive. Because, no one will be there. Only god can solve. I hope god will also say this same thing. Just forgive them.

Please think about your family, is your family happy??? I am sure your family is happy. But think about your sisters or brother’s family? Then tell me how is your family?

I know someone says yes.. Family is good. But most of them won’t tell anything, because they don’t know about their sisters and brother’s family. But just think about your childhood, how wonderful you & your family. But when you take your family from your heart? Now you think about your family only when any special occasion or a special person you met. That time you think very well about your family, that is your family, or you just tell someone, you are like my brother or sister. But where you miss your family? I don’t want to disturb anyone. But, no one knows about the same blood. If your brother or sister did something to you, you can’t forgive them, because of your ego. Nothing more. If your ego treats your way, it is Temporary, it can’t take you to your whole life.

Someday you will find it. I saw so many people is facing and currently doing this thing. But I want to ask something who is in this situation.

When you realize this and how many years you wasted?

You know what, my grandfather said their family life so happy and all are treated together. When he said this, his face is smiling and I read his nostalgic  from his face and talk.

He said, their family matters only talking with their family. Don’t want to share it outsiders. But now all changed. All are sharing their family related issues with others.

I just write it for who want to forgive their family.

Forgive them. They are your family. If you can forgive your enemy, why can’t forgive your family?

Today is god’s gift. Do something good.

Thank you.



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