“Out of Difficulties grow Miracles”.

Ben is waiting for his friend Danny.

Ben is a computer engineer, since 4 years when he came to New York.

His friend is a musician, but he doesn’t work in a musical company or any studio. He is not that much rich. His aim is to be a good musician. But he doesn’t get any opening till now. But he is a very faithful person. He doesn’t  have any worry about without a job. But, He have father & mother. They were celebrating their retirement last week. They are very good people. But when they offer some money to Danny, he rejected. Because he lives with overtime work money. He is working in petrol pump & some library after his job hunting in every day. He is not sleeping  that much time. He is only sleeping 3 hours per day. But he always says that is enough. When we get the sleep we want to sleep. Otherwise, we can do something new.

Ben always thinks about him when he waits for Danny. Because he is a good person ever seen.

Ya…. Danny came

Hey Ben, what’s new today?

Ben: Usual, Doing well. Where were you Danny? I was waiting too much.

Danny: Hey man, I was going to meet one studio manager, he was not interested in my profile. He is looking  into another person for that job. So,

Ben: it’s okay, one day you will get a good opportunity.

Danny: ya… I hope.

Hey, you know,  Justin from musical college?

Ben: ya…

Danny: So, I am planning to meet him tomorrow, because yesterday he called me & talk me a while. So, he said just come to his studio, we can talk to his Manager.

Ben: that’s a good news..

Danny: you had something? The Time is 2.00pm.

Ben: hey, I am hungry. So we can go to have lunch.

Danny: I need prawn pasta. You always want taste same pasta right?

Ben: Ya, but today you can pay the bill.

Danny: that’s my pleasure.

Ben thinking about previous moments with him.

Danny is always taking the bill. He gets everyday 100$ from petrol pump & library. And he has used that money for food. He is always taking me at one budget restaurant. We can buy food very cheap,but very taste. He is giving that balance to charity. He is a good man. But why he doesn’t get any job I am thinking. Danny doesn’t think like this.

Danny: hey, Ben, what are you doing? Don’t get waste your food. Ha ha..

Ben: oh, I just think about you Danny.

Danny: what you think about me?

Ben: no, that’s your past.

Danny: Ben, doesn’t think about the past. Think about the present. Live in present. You can get an idea how to achieve today. If you have a holiday today, you are thinking I want to sleep, watching movies, having good food, outing with friend & family.

You just do one thing. You are a good artist. So, paint some pictures.

Ben: oh, I can’t paint.

Danny: no, you can. If on your way you think your picture is not good. But in our world, millions of people live here. So, if 2 of them like your picture, that is your success. 400 people unlike your picture, that’s your hope. Because that 400 people know you can do more than this painting.if someone was kidding. But don’t think in that way. God gives the talent you have. So, anyone unlike, just smile them and give a good comment “thank you”. They will shut their mouth.

Ben: I will start the painting .

Danny: okay, done. I am leaving…

If you don’t mind, please drop me at home.

Ben: ya… come.

Reached Danny’s home.

Danny: okay Ben, thanks for god. Bye, see you tomorrow.

Ben: ya.. All the best for tomorrow. Tc. Bye.

Danny in home. Danny’s mother prepared apple pie for him.

Danny my dear mom called.

Yes, mom, apple pie??? Oww

You didn’t get a call from dad?

No, mom, he didn’t call me.

Oh.. I was thinking he will take you to the home.

Okay, I just call to dad..

Phone rings, finally disconnect.

Oh, he didn’t pick the call.

Okay, I hope he is driving mom said.

Finally door bells.

Ya.. Dad is here mom.

His father looks like failure. I didn’t see him like this. Mom, he is not happy, he went to room & closed the door. What happened mom? He asked mom.

Mom: I don’t know you have apple pie. I can talk with your dad.

And she is going to talk with him.

She called him, JOHN JOHN….

After he opened the door . What LISA, what you want?

Leave me alone a while.

She never heard this word before … “alone”.

Danny: what mom, what happened him?

Mom: I don’t know, he is very disturbed. He is confused.

Door open sound…

Yeah, Dad, come on, Danny calls him.

He is sitting near to Lisa. Lisa coffee..

Yeah, one minute Lisa said.

Dad, what happened?

You know, I was retired after my service, I collected all money for you & Lisa. Then finally it’s gone.

Lisa:what? Money gone, how?

Mom, don’t shout , just ask him, Danny said.

What happened joy? How money gone?

I deposited that money for the business. You know my friend started a business newly. He is looking partners. I thought, when I deposit this money for business, after one year we can get double. But, money gone dear’s.

How money gone, where is your friend?

I don’t know, he switch off the phone.

Dad, you have got any agreement paper?

No, son. He is my friend, I just trust him.

Oh… my god, Lisa is crying.

Mom, don’t cry. We can do something. Ok, I will tell you one thing. You don’t have any agreement, so, we can’t do anything.

I hope he is leaving to another city. So, we can find him. But, we don’t have any details. So, forget that. That’s your mistake dad.you were trust your friend. You never ask mom & son. We are a family. You must discuss with your partner, but you didn’t.

Leave it anyway.

Just live in the present, Dad.

Danny how can we live?

Dad, don’t worry, you can get some money from your pension on every month. You just save that cash. Tomorrow I have an interview, so, after that we can talk about this. We are human, we think about what we lost, but, we want to be different dad. Don’t think what we lost. We can live life happy with god’s giving.

Yes, my dear son.

Mom, don’t ask or think about this anymore. Okay?

Yeah.. Danny.

Okay, please take apple pie. It’s so sweet.

Again home happy home.

New morning, new hope.

Danny  ready to go for an interview.

Danny, I will come with you, Dad said.

No, dad, I am taking the bus. I am okay with that.

He takes 2 minutes for praying.

Mom, Dad, I am leaving.

Yeah… best wishes Danny mom & Dad said.

He is taking the bus. Today is very different. I feel God giving to do something new.

9.50 am he reached the studio.

Justin comes to see Danny. Hey man, how are you?

Doing well Justin.

The Manager is here? Danny asked.

Yes, come with me.

He is opening the door & after what’s going on there? I don’t know. Finally, I got a job. Justin he is very happy and hug him very tightly.

He called to his parents. Dad, I got a job.

They’re happy he fell from his heart.

He just calls to Ben.

Ben, I got a job… wow… then you don’t go anywhere, you have a surprise for you. Come to my Office.

Danny goes to Ben office. There has very crowed. He looks around. Danny .. Come here, Ben called.He looks around.

Wow… it’s me.. Danny laughed.

Ben: yeah, I thought what I can paint. I don’t get any idea without you. So my first gallery pictures focus on you. Your days, your months I painted.

All are looking for Danny.  Hey, that’s him. Ben your painting is awesome. But Danny’s life is making gallery colorful.

Danny looks all his painting. And Ben painted last picture is Danny’s success. Under the painting Danny seen one sentence. He is always used to say all of them.

“Out of Difficulties grow Miracles”.




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