We live by faith, not by sight.

Another morning starts, Birds are singing, the butterfly is flying around, one little cat her name is Rani, she is playing.

Cycle horns.

Yes, that’s a paper boy…

Papa wants a paper, he is waiting for a long, every morning he used to pray and when he opens the main door, he wants paper and one cup of tea.

Today something special I feel,

No vehicle sounds.. Just now I noticed that. Why today is empty road…???

I ask my papa.. Papa, is today Harthal or what?

He tell..ya .. Today is Harthal…

No school, no work… so today we are at home.

Mom: oh , then do one thing please help me for cooking.

Papa nicely escapes… how I want to go to my friend’s house.

Mom just laugh… ya… you always used this sentence, I know about you more than anyone.

And I said, I will help you mom… ok fine come with me she said.

Papa gone to his friend home. He is a good electrical engineer. I start to help my mom,… she said we need some more vegetables for Sambar curry. I thought today we will make Sambar. I forget to buy vegetables for Sambar. What can we do???

I said… no mom … don’t worry, I just go to junction and buy some vegetables. She said no, today is Harthal. No shops are opening.

Ok, but I just want to conform shop is open or not… I said.

And I just take my cycle and go to the junction. No shops are opening.

The time is 10.30 am…

And I just think to go back to home without vegetables.

I just turn back, look to other side corner, one lady sitting and in front of her small table, table is arranged with some vegetables.. oh… thank god…

I got finally..

I move there, I ask her can you give me these vegetables for me.?

How much for these?

She said I will give you without money.

What.. You don’t need money for these vegetables?

Why why not… I am confused…

She said… my son told me these are not valuable & not good enough than market products.

You know child… these vegetables from my garden. I am not using any chemical fertilizer. I used only home wastes or organic fertilizer for planting.

He said this look is not better than others products.

But I am the example of these vegetables. I am 89 years old now, I can walk, I can watch, I can plant, I can cook.

Every day my son told me your vegetables only use for us. Not others..

But today I planned to come here with these vegetables. These are only used for one family. I know that, but I want to sell my vegetables today and I want to say to my son, my vegetables are not looking that much better… but I am not using any poison.  So, I can sell my vegetables with faith.

My child… today, you are here to help me.

God bless you my child.

You can take these vegetables without money.

I give money and tell her, you know what?

My mom said today is harthal. No shops are opening.

But I feel someone is here with vegetables.

That’s it.

My faith in my god. He always opens a door…

Your faith has saved you.

And my faith saved me.

Our faith saved us.

So, thank you… I take vegetables to my home.

My mom, she is waiting for me … she asked me why you are late? Where were you?

I said mom,.. I got vegetables… and tell the story.


Oh… good. I know you will get these vegetables.

I ask her how you know…

She said that is faith.

And we thank to god and making food for lunch….



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