Be Curious, Not Judgemental

                                   Nowadays our lives going very fast. No family wants to teach their children properly. If someone goes to change their rules with their own decision. Someone not remake the rules without their belief.
Who teaches their children like as a good friend. They can understand their children naturally. But who doesn’t want to care their children like as a friend, they can’t understand their children. That’s the way, no children can understand their parents also.
                                  When they look their parents, they are a stranger in child heart. You can’t compare your child to their brother. No benefit you can see there, only you can see tears down your child, and it’s made them feel like they are not good enough. Treat your each child as an individual.
Don’t say why you are not studying well like your brother. “ Do say what you want to be in the future? Pray & study for what you like most.” Each of your children is unique.
                                  All children can’t be an engineer, doctor & you’re like. They have different talent. So, what your child wants to be … help to make them like their own decision for career. Support your child always.
Don’t tell your child- I don’t think you can do it.
The bible said: fathers, do not provoke your children, Lest they become discouraged.
Be merciful…..
Don’t make unreasonable demands
To train to discipline in righteousness.


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