One day Train Journey

I had an uncomfortable journey.
Because something irritating.
I won’t to tell in detail. But I need to tell something about this nuisance.
6 girls & one boy were sitting near me. When the journey started, I think they were not that much noised.
But, the journey when started it was changing.
Starting to ending they were exploring something. In front of the door, they nicely took photos.
Why these students going to take unwanted challenge. All are looking that girls, but no one responded.
Most of them girls, were doing this.
Secondly, they were playing cards with noise in front of others. Why nowadays all are exploring nuisance. ?
Don’t think too much, because we know these clear ideas and the solutions. But, we can’t solve this problem correctly with our thoughts. Start to end someone like this exploring their negatives in the world.
Two boys were sitting next to them, They were looking at my face. When I warn them, they were stopped looking at me. And nicely they turned to look at those girls. Those girls didn’t respond. They were continuing their plays. I thought why girls won’t respond & I thought when we didn’t respond, they can get a chance to do this nuisance again.

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